10 alkaline diet spices

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Plants that balance your internal environment and help you lose weight

The alkaline diet allows you to balance the internal environment of your body and facilitates weight loss. It is therefore important to know the foods you should include in this diet to lose weight, even some spices or plants. In this article you’ll find 10 of these spices.

Spices are plants that can be included in the alkaline diet and use their slimming properties because they provide active compounds that balance the internal environment, so that it has a better cell performance.

These 10 notes alkaline diet spices, incorporate them to your meals and you reap its benefits to balance your internal environment and lose weight.

1. Cardamom

This is a spice that has properties that balance the digestive medium. For this reason, its
use will improve your digestion and boost your metabolism.

2. Cilantro

This plant, however, gives you active ingredients that act as natural antioxidants. Thus, it is acting on your fat metabolism, improving it. Moreover, anti-inflammatory properties that reduce your bloating.

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12879861-or-gano-primer-plano-sobre-fondo-blanco3. Canela

Cinnamon improves and regulates your bowel function, stimulating peristalsis and facilitating the detoxification of your body.

4. Ginger

This spice has cleansing properties that promote your diuresis, and to prevent fluid retention. Moreover, ginger also has properties that improve and increase your metabolism.

5. Thyme

Thyme plant improves your digestion and has a detoxifying effect, which will stimulate your metabolism, if you include in your diet.

6. Saffron

Saffron has properties that control your appetite sensation. Ideal to reduce your intake and therefore your calorie intake. Dieting will be much easier.

7. Mint

Mint is a plant that reduces waste acid digestion, which not only improves your digestion of food, but also stimulates the elimination of excrement that reach the intestine.

8. Basil

This herb has desinflamantes components neutralizing gas formation and inflammation of your intestinal mucosa. Moreover, improve your liver function and therefore your fat metabolism.

9. Oregano

Oregano is a plant that has antioxidant properties that improve the functioning of your entire digestive system. Add it to your meals and you’ll see that good results.


10. Romero

This spice is rich in vitamins B, whose function facilitates and enhances your fat metabolism. It also promotes the degradation of carbohydrate-containing foods and thereby regulates both glucose and weight.

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