10 dairy less than 50 calories

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27493827-pedazo-triangular-de-queso-ilustraci-n-vectorial-de-arteProtein foods, light and satisfying

Milk protein foods are very important in weight loss diets because they provide satiety and are light. For kicks them out, nothing better than to meet at least 10 dairy contributing less than 50 calories.

Dairy products are foods that offer many properties for weight loss. Both their protein, vitamins and minerals as its low calorie content makes these dairy foods ideal for starting a diet to lose weight.

The best way to take advantage of these benefits is to know at least 10 dairy less than 50 calories.

10 dairy less than 50 calories
dairy Calories
Skimmed milk 45/100 gr.
Skimmed milk powder 36 / lot (10 gr.)
39/100 gr probiotic milk.
cheese spread 33 / lot (30 gr.)
Firm paste cheese light 30 / lot (30 gr.)
shredded mozzarella cheese light 26 / lot (10 gr.)
Light ricotta cheese 43.8 / lot (30 gr.)
drinkable yogurt light 43 / lot (150 cc)
Yogurt strong light 31 / 100g.
0% yogurt with probiotics 48/100 gr.

The protein and calcium content of dairy foods makes these allies to reduce appetite and promote the burning of fat for energy. However, it is important to choose light products for its low fat intake.

To get the most out of these milk, you can eat them at any main meal, and even better when you are hungry. These animal foods, especially cheeses, containing substances such as exorphins, providing satiety. They are an excellent choice to have within the emergency kit, when anxiety about food is beat you.

Moreover, you can supplement these dairy with other foods, such as vegetables, fruits, cereals or seeds. How? Developing low-calorie shakes, which can even replace a meal such as breakfast or snack.

Remember that, with the more balanced and complete diet it is healthier. Therefore, do not be tempted by too fast and strict diets because they can damage your health, especially if done for long.

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