10 diuretic foods to deflate eating

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11237520-cold-watherHow to combat fluid retention with food

Fluid retention is one of the factors that can frustrate your weight loss. However, it is possible to combat fluid retention with food, thanks to these 10 diuretic foods to deflate eating.

Diuretic foods have a high percentage of water in their composition. In general, its content exceeds 80%, and can reach up to 95% in some fruits and vegetables. If you incorporate them to your habitual diet, you will stimulate the function of the kidneys, which will allow you to eliminate the liquids and toxins retained in the organism.

In the table below you will find 10 diuretic foods to deflate you eating, because all of them have more than 90% water in their composition. Follow the links to see some recipes that include:

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Diuretic foods
Food Percentage of water Recipes
1.-Celery 95 Diuretic shake of celery and cucumber
2.-Radish 95 Diuretic shake of tomatoes and radish
3.-Lettuce 95 Diuretic shake of lettuce
4.-Cucumber 95 Diuretic shake of green tea and cucumber
5.-Tomato 94 Diuretic and depurative batter of tomato
6.-Watermelon 93 Diuretic shake of green tea and watermelon
7.- Melon 93 Diuretic shake of pear and melon
8.- Berro 92 Diuretic shake of pineapple and watercress
9.-Spinach 91 Spinach diuretic shake
10.- Strawberry 90 Strawberry and cilantro diuretic shake

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