3 tricks to reduce fat to your meals

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11282420-carne-de-valoresTips to achieve a low-fat diet

When weight loss is necessary to adjust the diet and reduce fat, for this I invite you to meet three tricks or tips to help you have a low-fat diet.

One of the objectives of a diet to lose weight is to reduce dietary fats and replace saturated fats and trans fats quality. So if you want to know how to achieve a low-fat diet easily, just keep in mind three tips.

3 tricks to reduce fat to your meals

Use cooking spray or spray. Replacing the traditional oil spray oil or spray can drastically reduce the fat content of food. When you cook with oil, much goes to food (the food absorbs about 10% by weight). Therefore, if you use cooking spray much less effective. You can even prepare yourself spray oil without spending much money.

Kitchen oven. Many of the foods that usually kitchens as frying, baking and cooking can obtain a similar preparation, such as breaded foods or chips. This means you need less cooking oil and can use cooking spray or vegetable foods to add flavor to your meals, and avoid sticking. Among the vegetables that are usually used is the onion. For example, to prepare chicken baked you not need to use oil: you can place a mattress and onions on it, chicken.
As a result you will have a tasty and leaner white meat. With this trick you also avoid the action of harmful substances other than oil, such as acrolein.

Crude oil added after cooking. If you cook without oil and add once prepared, not only better control the amount of oil you add, it is healthier for the entire cardiovascular system. A good example is when preparing sauces: instead of adding oil while cooking, add a teaspoon only when you ready.

These three tips are easy to implement, do not require a long time and are easy to remember, these tips will allow you to change eating habits to prevent metabolic diseases that can affect you and your family. Be sure to put them into practice!

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