3 Ways to use cereal diet

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24167736-ensalada-tabul-con-quinua-salm-n-tomate-pepino-y-perejil3 ways to add fiber to a diet

It is generally thought that cereals are prohibited within the food diet to lose weight. But not as well as cereal if eaten in quantity and properly can be a very good source of fiber to include in your diet. Therefore, do not miss to know these 3 ways to use cereals and manage to lose those extra pounds.

Grains generally have an average of about 400 calories per 100 gr. product. Only this information can mean a rejection especially if you need to lose weight, but you can not say that a food is good or bad diet just thinking about its caloric value.

Among the high-fiber foods, cereals have a special place, and if it is whole grain. So you can get all your fiber and the benefits it produces without adding many calories, there are several ways to incorporate grain diet.

3 Ways to use cereal diet

In salads. One cup of whole grains in a vegetable salad not only increases the percentage of fiber to food, but also reduces appetite by increasing satiety. Thus blood glucose is kept constant, avoiding peaks hunger and anxiety. Within cereals you can include in salads opt for brown rice, amaranth, red rice, black rice, whole wheat couscous or quinoa. These grains can be combined with all kinds of fresh or cooked vegetables.

For breakfast. Cereals are the energy food par excellence and better than add them to the main meal to reduce hunger and food cravings. Within these you can choose cereals oat bran, wheat bran, rye or wheat germ. These grains can combine with the yogurt or skim milk, with or without fresh fruits.

In soups. Cereals within the light or fat broths are very useful to add and subtract fiber hungry. If you eat a dish or cup light broth with a tablespoon of wheat germ or oat bran, lets you eat less.

Cereals are very important in the diet because it provides fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals that the body needs and can help you lose weight without suffering hunger. Let not take advantage of all the properties and benefits of cereal!

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