4 pulses that should not be missing in the diet

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11242526-soja4 legumes rich in fiber against being overweight

There are many reasons to say that at least 4 types of vegetables should not be missing in your diet. These foods of plant origin have many virtues compared to other foods. These benefits are not only associated with the calories they provide, but also with the nutrients it contains, such as fiber; Organic substance that has great properties against being overweight.

Legumes are plant foods, which can be included in a diet to lose weight, for various reasons. While there are great diversity of vegetables, at least 4 can be included in your diet against overweight.

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The 4 pulses that you can not miss in your diet are: lentils, soy, chickpeas and beans. These foods have on average around 300 calories / 100 gr. Of uncooked vegetables. While they look like a lot of calories, it’s not the only thing you should evaluate when it comes to choosing them to lose weight.

Each one of them has its peculiarities, but all share a large percentage of fiber, necessary and indispensable to purify the body and prevent the fats and sugars from food are absorbed.

On the other hand, these legumes are rich in phytosterols, as is the case of soy, which is very beneficial for the treatment of obesity during menopause.

Also, legumes contain unsaturated fats that prevent complications derived from obesity such as dyslipidemia and / or atherosclerosis. This feature makes them an excellent replacement for meats, since these plant foods are rich in iron (remember to take advantage, you need to consume foods rich in vitamin C).

In addition, legumes contain natural antioxidants, such as magnesium, zinc, B vitamins that improve the burning of fats.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that many of these legumes, such as chickpeas, beans and lentils contain a high percentage of potassium, ideal for reducing fluid retention and controlling high blood pressure (risk factor for obesity).

For all these reasons, you should not forget to include these 4 legumes in your diet to lose weight. Keep in mind that legumes increase by 2.5 times their volume during cooking, so the suggested portion for a diet to lose weight is a cup of cooked vegetables (40 gr. In raw), which will give you about 120 calories.

The best way to cook legumes is to steam, to avoid losses of vitamins and minerals. Even if you want you can accompany them with fresh or cooked vegetables.

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