4 Recipes with cheese for the Dukan diet

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8902122-cheese and milkCheese, an important element in the diet Dukan

The Dukan diet is the kind of regimes that can become torturous if it does not change a bit when choosing recipes. Cheese can officiate as a wildcard. You can learn some recipes with it in this article.

The Dukan diet can become quite complicated reach at certain times of the stage as such. But beyond that, you can always find ways to make it more feasible, more practicable and in final accounts, you give yourself more chances to reach the end of it.

In the attack phase, where you can not eat just vegetables of any kind, things get pretty complicated. At least, if you can eat cheese, which is satiating, tasty and can offer other alternatives that go beyond pure meat and proteins that govern the first phase of the diet.

It is good that the only kind of cheese that can be used are 0%. Once entered in the cruise phase, the cheeses can go up to 7% inclusive, which further expands the picture. Meanwhile, you can go taking advantage of some of these recipes Dukan cheese.

Here are some good recipes with cheese for the Dukan diet:

Dukan meat sauce: A combination of white cheese with herbs, mustard and other spices that give flavor. Going great for, as the name implies, roasted or grilled meats. You can replace the yogurt cheese.
Dukan cheese cake: A delicious orange cake with cheese, cheese cake style, which can be eaten from the cruise phase. interesting recipe for who likes sweets.
Tallarimis Dukan with cheese sauce: Two interesting alternatives. On one hand, the tallarimis, which are fish and can be consumed on this diet replacing the paste. On the other, a delicious cheese sauce, easy to prepare and to accompany wonders.
Light dumplings stuffed with cheese: A perfect recipe, where a classic dumplings (chicken or turkey) filled with cheese. Anything tastier than anything that you can think of?

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