5 Celebrities who chose incorrectly slimming

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53150527-rihanna-at-the-2009-american-music-awards-held-at-the-nokia-theater-in-los-angeles-on-november-22-20The follies of the famous, always under the magnifying glass

Are you one of those who are always aware of the diets of celebrities? Well it’s time you start to take a little more seriously this matter, especially if you are willing to follow the follies they tout. In this article you will see how 5 Famous chose the wrong method of losing weight.

The personalities of the world of film, TV and entertainment in general, are in some way prisoners of their own images. This is how, many times, this obsession to look perfect, leads them to embrace any weight loss regimen. The issue is the bad example they set. Indeed, if you read the follies that have made these famous when you lose weight, you will realize that you have to value yourself a little more and not follow in his footsteps, until even can lead you to death.

5 celebrities who have chosen to lose weight the wrong way:

Beyonce Knowles: One of the most famous singers in the world underwent curative diet known as The Master Cleanse, which is based liquids and having a drink made of lemon and maple syrup as the main ingredient. The same star was the same to clarify that had taken a wrong step, “all the weight lost during the diet, I recovered well and finished it.”

Rihanna: Another most fashionable singers these days, follows a particular “diet” where it is injected with a mixture of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and satiating elements that increase metabolism. All crazy rule, as they say.

Natalie Portman: The famous actress boasts of following a strict diet where only eats … almonds and carrots! Perfect, are two very nutritious and great food health properties. But, who would think that with that one person can live day to day?

Uma Thurman: This is another of the legion of celebrities who happened to such a contentious and controversial Paleolithic Diet, which aims to recover a type of food that comes precisely from those times. Raw foods, including meat and fish, are the key to this regime, which seems quite unbalanced, but who worship the stars.

Mario Lanza: As much as the story is quite old, no longer a clear example of the craziness that often make famous to lose weight at any cost. It seems that the renowned singer was the victim of constant binging and she found it hard to hold his weight. That’s how it ended up enrolling in a diet of 500 calories a day, with a hormone supplement. Is the resulting? Two years later, and apparently for reasons closely linked to the regime that followed, Mario Lanza lost his life.

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