5-day detox diet to cleanse the body

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30435159-frutasA diet with fruits, vegetables and no processed

Have you committed some excesses that you want to reverse the short term? Make a detox diet is a great idea. Here you will find a proposal for five days, where you have to eliminate processed completely and greatly reduce carbohydrates.

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Foods allowed in each day detox diet
Sample menu of this diet detox
Make a good detox diet fruit and vegetables, removing and discarding much carbohydrates completely processed foods. There is nothing better to eliminate toxins from the body and start over once and for all to feel lighter and deflation.

This proposal takes only five days and will help more than anything to purify your body a little. It is not a definitive diet, but it might let a few habits that then want to incorporate into your day.

Foods allowed in each day detox diet

First day. Only fruits. Valen all kinds of fruits, trying to choose the less sweet as bananas or grapes, although you may want to embed some of them. They also serve some fruits like cherry tomatoes, some avocado and some nuts, which will give you energy and satiety with healthy fats.
Second day. Only vegetables. No potato chips and no. You can add something hot, but Focus especially on raw vegetables.
Third day. You can mix to taste what you ate on the first day and second.
Fourth day. Repeat the tone of the day before, but now adding some vegetable in one of dishes.
Fifth day. Today, the last day, you can incorporate some whole-grain carbohydrates in one of the daily specials.
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Sample menu of this diet detox

First day: take a strawberry smoothie, orange juice and pear, with a handful of nuts. For lunch, prepare a salad with orange slices, tomato, some cashews and some avocado. Taking an apple tea, green tea and a handful of nuts. At night, a regal fruit salad.
Second day: breakfast a cup of red tea with a paste of olives and celery and carrot sticks. For food, vegetable soup and salad greens, shredded carrots, zucchini and beets idem. For the evening, if you’re hungry, you eat a salad. And at night you get a stew with onions, peppers, zucchini and eggplant, the ratatouille style.
Third day: a good mixed fruit smoothie and a handful of nuts. A salad of tomatoes, greens, olives, raw mushrooms and nuts, with grilled eggplant and apple dessert. A fruit and afternoon tea. At night, a fruit salad and a vegetable curry.
Fourth day: tea and a vegetable sticks with hummus chickpea. A stew of vegetables and fruit for dessert. A smoothie and a handful of nuts in the afternoon. A good source of vegetables baked with tomato, zucchini, peppers, broccoli and salad leaves.
Fifth day: a mixed fruit smoothie with some avocado. Yamani rice salad, olives, chickpeas, tomatoes and kale. A tea and a banana in the afternoon. Dinner, sautéed mixed vegetables in oriental style, with mushrooms and sprouts.

Remember it is a cleansing diet, which lasts just five days. But you will see that you can generate you a very healthy effect on your body and you will surely plantearás still maintain many of these habits. You will feel lighter, more energetic and more healthy. Once you begin to eliminate carbohidatos and processed, it will work.

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