5 factor diet weight loss

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19773874-grupo-de-j-venes-corriendo-en-la-cinta-en-el-gimnasioSilhouette factor of 5 weight loss plan

The diet factor 5 is a diet to recover the silhouette. This silhouette plan was designed by a famous Hollywood trainer Haley Pasternak called. Lasts approximately 5 weeks and, according to its creator diet it allows you to lose weight, losing weight naturally.

The diet factor 5 is a diet designed by Haley Pasternak, trainer of Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, among others. This plan is designed to recover the silhouette in 5 weeks.

What is the 5 factor diet?

This diet is actually the combination of a special meal plan with a specific plan of physical training. This slimming regime has as a fundamental pillar physical routine.

It is not random that the creator of this diet has chosen the number 5. According to his research he found that divide the plan into 5 phases represents a stimulus to move forward in weight loss and thus modeling the figure faster.

For you to understand better what the 5 factor diet is, it is important to divide the information about diet and exercise that comprehensively combine to achieve the goal of losing weight.

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Features 5 Factor Diet

It is based on eating 5 meals a day. For this fractional breakfast diet it is important because it is the food that gives you energy to start the day’s activities, and in turn helps you lose fat. Furthermore, dinner should be the lightest meal of the day, because the body’s metabolism decreases.
Advised to consume small portions. Portions should be small, but frequent consumption to maintain stable blood glucose levels, which reduces the feeling of hunger and food cravings.

Suggests better to choose quality food. Another point to consider is the quality of food. This suggests eating plan that consume fresh food and processed food delete rich in fat and simple sugars, as well as derivatives and white flour. Recommends consuming foods with low glycemic index (GI). On the other hand, suggests the consumption of foods rich in unsaturated fats, foods with high biological value protein and foods rich in fiber (recommended intake of 10 to 15 gr. Of fiber per day). It also removes sugary drinks and replace water and light refreshments.

It has a day off. One day a week you can eat whatever you want with caring much what you consume.
Now that you know the diet, we are on the training plan.

What the training plan of this diet is based?

This training plan is divided into 5 phases and lasts five weeks with one week off. The phases are:

Phase 1: Cardiovascular heating.
Phase 2: Strengthening upper body.
Phase 3: Strengthening lower body.
Phase 4: Cardiac Exercise.
Phase 5: Burner cardiovascular fats.
In each of these phases must be taken into account: the type of exercise, amount of repetitions, number of sets, resistance level and rest period. According to the creator of this figure plan to burn fat, build muscle and boost metabolism are sufficient 5 short workouts (increase metabolism 48 hours after strength training). In this plan strength training it is important, with just 10 minutes a day will burn fat faster.

The workout is 25 minutes. Each phase lasts 5 minutes. During the phase cardiovascular follow your own pace, increasing the speed or endurance gradually. One of the recommended aerobic exercise is walking on an inclined plane on tape or climb outdoors. This exercise burns fat and strengthens certain muscle groups, for example buttocks and calves, among others.

5 factor diet is a comprehensive plan that while it may be beneficial as it promotes good nutrition and exercise, should be guided by a nutritionist and a physical trainer. In this way you can make the most, avoiding errors supply and possible muscle injuries.

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