5 light Meat Substitutes

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9470415-tofuFrom tofu to gírgolas, alternative diet without eating meat

Replace the meat in a diet to lose weight is completely possible. Simply having any hand of these light replacements for a healthy diet.

Eating meat is not essential if you want to lose weight. Many people increasingly choose to take step towards a free animal feed meat and opt for vegetarian alternatives. There are many ways to replace meat products. Just consider some of the options proposed then considering are protein, low in fat and calories. Enjoy without guilt.

These are five meat substitutes you can use in your diet to lose weight:

Lentils: They provide protein, iron, are rich in fiber (ideal to combat constipation and clean the gastric tract), satiating and provide about 300 calories per 100 grams of dry product. You can eat from a pottage, even salad.
Seitan: Perhaps one of the substitutes meat texture more like the world. It is wheat gluten, rich in protein, also low in calories, low in fat and energy. While you can easily buy in health food and vegetarian stores, you can prepare at home.
Tofu: Or also known as tofu. It has protein, low in calories, fat and also provides an interesting calcium dose. It comes in different textures. Thus, it can be used from sauteed or grilled, as I crush to prepare a light filling with what you think of.
Gírgolas: These mushrooms are really wonderful, because they are rich in protein and fiber, but on the other hand, their caloric intake is really very low. They have a meat-like texture and a unique flavor. Grilled left of wonders.
Textured soy: Another of the more traditional meat substitutes. It is easily available even in supermarkets. Simply moisturise with broth or water, soy sauce, seasonings and then use it like mincemeat. Its uses are more diverse and is perfect pies, stews, stuffings and more.

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