5 Steps to lose weight with simple techniques

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vegetablesWith the huge number of tricks to slim the press published daily, it is difficult to know what we can trust and what not. Nutrition lives a turning point, and certain assertions that took for true today do not seem much. But still, there are certain changes in our diet as important research can help decisively to lose those kilos left over us.
Now that a new year full of good intentions start to lose weight should remember that the important thing is not to follow a strict diet, but to change our habits so that our food is healthy as a whole and forever. These small changes may be enough to maintain proper weight.

1. Drink more water
Water has zero calories, and take the beginning, during or at the end of the meal and neither increases nor decreases the caloric value of any food. Now, according to research by 2013, water intake reinforces the effects of a diet. According to the author of this, the professor of nutrition at the School of Public Health in Berlin Rebecca Muckelbauer, “although still not well studied simply drinking water could increase energy expenditure of our body.” This is a matter about to be investigated, but it seems clear that we drink less water than they should.

2. Takes protein-rich breakfast
Traditionally nutritionists had stressed the importance of taking a breakfast rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, which allows us to face hard day, but today most nutritionists have changed his mind: the best breakfast is one rich in protein.
Best breakfast are proteins in the form of eggs or little calorie meats (such as ham)
There is no need for sugar at breakfast (beyond the little you need to sweeten your coffee), they contain many calories and are less satiating. Best breakfast are proteins in the form of eggs or little calorie meats (such as ham), which will allow us to be filled until the food arrives.

3. Minimize sugar intake
According to a draft of the World Health Organization published last year we should not take more than 5 teaspoons of sugar a day, or what is the same, 25 grams. This is an amount that far exceeded in Spain. Today, according to the Study of Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk in Spain, Spaniards consume on average four times, 112 grams a day.
The increase in sugar consumption is directly related to obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and cardiovascular problems. Remember that refined carbohydrates (such as pasta and bread) are also high in sugar. We would do well always choose the whole grain varieties.

4. Control your portions
Although the system by which we count the calories leaves much to be desired, the truth is that it is the only tool that we have to get used to the idea of ​​how what we eat fat.
Many of us eat more than we should and there is only one way to avoid this: serve smaller portions. For this we can help with various tricks such as using smaller plates or eat more things but in smaller amounts.

5. Stay away from unhealthy food
We all know what foods we should avoid if we want to lose weight and best not to fall into temptation is not to have them around. If our house we have not sweet or fatty meats, refined grains or not eat and so, if we bitten by the bug, we will have no other to take fruit.

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