9 Floors to purify and cleanse the body

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14215764-ArtichokesOptions of all kinds to cleanse the body

To lose weight, nothing beats a healthy diet, which is composed of many fruits, vegetables, teas, juices and natural products. This will help cleanse the body and generate positive habits in your body thereafter. They can also help the plants, how are you proposing you Josep Masdeu, perfect for debugging and cleanse your body.

purifying plants, a good remedy to eliminate toxins
What are the best plants to detoxify the body?
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purifying plants, a good remedy to eliminate toxins

A detoxification plants help your body eliminate these toxins that have accumulated. Not only will clean your colon and liver, but also your kidneys.

These plants serve as a cleansing diet improved, and would not make sense to take them to detoxify while you follow a diet high in fat, cholesterol and blood acidifying. Its effect will be greater if you come with a hypotonic diet, cereals and vegetables, whole grains and plenty of fluid intake in the form of pure water, natural fruit juices (mainly citrus) wines or refreshing infusions.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water, as this type of medicinal plants are diuretic and laxative so if you do not drink, dehydration and produce toxins are not eliminated.

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What are the best plants to detoxify the body?

Artichokes: One of the most cleansing. It is known for its anti-toxic result, while very beneficial to the liver, accelerating the metabolic processes of this. So, detoxifies your body. It is hepatoprotective, promotes renal elimination and digestive function.
Dandelion: It is a gentle cleanser kidney and liver and is useful in the treatment of skin disorders and fatty irritant type, such as acne and sebaceous cysts. slightly stimulates the intestine and is indicated to treat constipation. It is advisable to use the fresh whole plant with roots, leaves and flowers.
Horsetail: It is diuretic, blood purifying, regenerating and healing from dead cells. It is used in the treatment of obesity, excess uric acid, rheumatic diseases, dissolves kidney stones and gallstones and many other conditions.
Burdock or cocklebur minor: It is a tonic liver and kidneys and is suitable for chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It helps cleanse the lymphatic vessels, serous membranes and mucous membranes and is indicated in infections and bronchial congestion.
Nettle: Cleans the blood, cleanses kidneys, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, lowers blood pressure. It is diuretic and contains flavonoids and potassium, which helps to dissolve and eliminate toxins arenillas.
Echinacea: It is known for its stimulating qualities of the immune system and is an excellent tonic, essentially indicated in inflammation of glands and lymph nodes and skin rashes.
Turmeric rhizomes: This plant is also used as a spice. It is liver cleansing, stimulating production and circulation of bile. Its action is stronger than the bitter chicory. It is used in hepatic and biliary congestion, gallstones, and chronic constipation cholesterol. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps in the treatment of cancer.
Sarsaparilla is mild diuretic and laxative, which helps eliminate uric acid and urine easily. It is recommended if you are a person with urinary disorders and fluid retention problems. It helps you lose weight and to reaffirm damaged by the accumulation of fat tissue.
Uva: It is a natural detoxifier, even there the grape diet, which involves eating only grapes for three days. Its laxative effect cleans the intestines of toxic substances.

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