A survey reveals what people prefer to lose weight

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Deprivation, diet low in carbohydrates and processed foods, to head

Want to know what they think are the best ways to lose weight according to a poll in North America? Well, you just have to read this article and find everything you need to know. Do not miss it!

Weight loss is a desire of many people around the world. So much so that an online survey conducted by the Nielsen group showed that 30,000 people in 60 countries, half believe that you are overweight. This disagreement with the image you have of yourself, coupled with enough effort, it makes you start looking for different ways to lose those extra kilos. Undoubtedly, the methods are many and you can try several to find the one that works with your body and lifestyle.

15900211-close-up-sobre-el-n-mero-de-una-b-scula-de-ba-o-con-pin-transl-cido-verde-desdibujar-efectoThese so surprising numbers, of which one might infer that half of the world’s population is overweight believes, made the research group launched a new survey, but focusing on North America.

This part of the planet has been historically the highest percentage of obese people compared with Latin America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Currently 20% of men and 25% of women have a BMI over 30, meaning they are overweight.

The Survey of Health and Welfare Nielsen unveiled when US population agrees to lose weight 60% believe that the secret lies in privation, add more natural and fresh foods, supplanting high-fat junk food (in the United States over $ 100 billion in junk food a year) is spent and also avoiding sugar and chocolate. While 49% also choose not to eat processed foods, or at least remove the maximum amount of daily diet. American citizens who most prefer this method worldwide.

Moreover 23% prefer a diet low in carbohydrates, inspired by the style of Asian food, geographic area, on average, has the lowest obesity rate (8% of men and 13% of women). While only 9% choose a weight loss program or other.

You can draw the conclusion that most diets are chosen for slimming returning to nature, opting for fruits, vegetables and meat in smaller amounts, avoiding fats. Moreover carbohydrates are immediately absorbed, if not eaten quickly becomes fat and processed foods do not provide significant nutrients and are usually loaded with salt or sugar and other unnatural added.

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