Alkaline melon and orange juice for weight loss

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41876433-orange juiceA perfect combination for your body alcalinzar

Without any doubt, the alkaline diet is one of the most interesting of recent times, especially since enacts a return to nature. This is so you can nourish with juices of all kinds, like this melon and orange, with a touch of baking soda, perfect body to combat acidity.

If you are someone who has been folded full (or at least want to do things as best as possible) to the alkaline diet, because then it’s time you start to consider all variants and combinations to feel the best way possible in this regime, which proposes to join himself to all that is natural and less processed, as healthy as possible.

The juices are always a great choice to cleanse your body from breakfast, much more if you have ingredients ahead as those you propose then perfect to balance the acidity of your body from early morning. It is an orange juice and melon, perfect for losing weight from an alkaline posture.


Half a glass of juice melon
Half a glass of orange juice
A teaspoon of baking soda

Spends a considerable amount of melon to extract half a glass or cup of juice extractor. Thou shalt have no problem with this, because this fruit has plenty of liquid. Squeeze the juice of oranges and mix. Add the teaspoon of baking soda. You will see that makes a kind of foam, as if you were preparing a homemade antacid or something like that. Now, you have no more to drink this juice for breakfast, so start your day with alkaline diet in the best way possible.

In general, citrus fruits such as oranges and like melon, are those with alkaline pH more favorable for this diet, why you come from wonders. Not to mention the additive touch of baking soda. So, you have a perfect recipe alkalizing within minutes. You just have to try it daily and see what will give good results.

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