All about the Dukan Diet

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38737338-Dukan-DietInterview with Claudia ABCDukan: All the secrets of the most popular diet

The Dukan diet is one of the most popular diets and also controversial in recent times. Thus in these pages read an interesting interview with Claudia, the head of ABC blog Dukan and, above all, a person to whom this diet has changed her life. Enjoy it!

Without any doubt, the Dukan diet is one of the most famous that exist in the world. It is not without controversy, it is true, but we must also say that many people have had excellent results from his hand. For this reason, have the first-person perspective of someone this regime has changed her life, you can become an interesting added value.

Claudia has not only achieved excellent results in the hands of the Dukan diet, but, practically, has changed his life, has taught nutrition and has been the main engine for today is responsible for ABCDukan, one of the blogs header anyone seeking to enroll in the scheme or is already doing. For this reason, if you are in trade-offs with respect to diet, this interview can get help.

Testimony: experience with the Dukan diet

How did you meet the Dukan diet?
-The Met through a friend in 2011, at that time just beginning the “boom” of the Dukan Diet in Spain, he told all, almost all bad. I am very curious how, I bought books and I read them completito. I found that diet had a basis, it was very logical and completely healthy, as only natural products are consumed, foods we eat every day, only some of them more limited, so I started in May 2011.

How Dukan diet has affected your life? How many kilos did you manage to lose it?
I lowered about 13 kilos in 4 months or less. I came down more slowly but have not returned to fatten the contrary, I have lost a kilo more. Mainly diet has helped me to get interested in the subject nutrition, I read a lot about metabolism, nutrition, properties of different foods, deficiencies and needs of the organism at different ages. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot about in recent years. I think that is what has given me the Dukan Diet, a much clearer view of the importance of caring for the body and eating well.

positive and negative points of the Dukan Diet

What positive issues think you contribute?
‘The Dukan Diet teaches you to control yourself, you learn to eat in a healthy way, without eating or wild deprivation. Comes the amounts that need to be satisfied and learn to put aside that which does not help you at this point in your life where you’re overweight: sugars, carbohydrates, fats, and you realize you can eat well though you’re on a diet. For many people it takes years and tens of kilos overweight over the shoveling, learn to eat and to be controlled is a real change of life. In addition to that you start to see you’re feeling better, you feel lighter, you and your analytics are normal, you lower cholesterol, stress, sugar. You feel healthy.

What you find negatives to diet?
The only thing that may be negative for some people is you have to learn to cook. It was not for me because I love the kitchen. But as diet can be long (if you have many kilos to lose) you need to eat well and varied, so you do not monotonous. Then you get to get you a little in the kitchen to prepare your own meals with allowed ingredients. That was the reason I started making videos of meals adapted to the Dukan Diet, creating very easy and simple for those who are not foodies recipes.

Do not you think that is too focused on proteins?
Perhaps the problem is that it has very poor information about the Dukan Diet. Although based on proteins, only “meat” or “red meat” is not eaten as many people believe. You can do perfectly the Dukan diet without touching the red meat, eating fish, seafood, poultry, low-fat dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese), eggs in moderation (whites at will). Have more than 100 foods allowed in the first phase, Phase attack that should never last more than 10 days (usually between 3 and 5 days) and in the next phase, the cruise phase, and incorporate the vegetables until we reach our full weight. This means that most of the diet, which can last depending on the kilos you need to lose two to eight months on average, consists of proteins and vegetables.

Dukan Diet and rebound effect

-¿Produce The dreaded “rebound effect” that diet?
It is-just the only diet that protects against the “rebound effect” because it has a phase, Phase Consolidation, specially designed for the body gets used to the new weight. That is once you get to your ideal weight or weight Just as called Dr. Dukan, do not start immediately to eat everything, but that you are incorporating foods that have more carbohydrates and fats, slowly, giving your body time to that assimilates without gaining weight.

Something not usually says, is that after a calorie-restricted diet (like any diet that has the purpose of making us lose weight, even the most “balanced” that can give us the most prestigious nutritionist) has a rebound effect. That is, if left to reach our weight and start eating before we get fat again, simply because the body will absorb 200% of these new foods. The Dukan diet takes this into account, so if this 3rd stage, whether it does not get fat is never respected.

You -¿Adoptarías the Dukan diet food as a way of life from now on?
‘The Dukan diet is not a diet “for life”, once you meet this third phase, and and your weight has been consolidated, you can eat whatever you want again. And when I say whatever you want, I say just that: your good paellas, desserts with chocolate and cream, in short, whatever you want. Only you are advised to follow 3 guidelines life: walking 30 minutes a day, eating oat bran every morning and make a day a week of pure proteins, ie using the 100 allowed that we discussed at the beginning foods.

Tips for making the Dukan diet

What advice would want to give to a person who is not yet encouraged to start with diet and afraid to fail?
-First To be well informed, read books and browse through the hundreds of blogs out there on the subject at our disposal on the internet. You see what you can eat, you look at recipes. And most importantly, consult your doctor to know if you have health problems added to overweight. So who dares to start, if you think this diet is what you need, you will surely find the motivation to follow.

You want to add something else? Where you can usually read what you write?
I think the Dukan diet should be one of the most controversial in recent years (if not more). It’s hard to know who to believe, if those who criticize or to those who defend it. For me the fact of knowing every day hundreds of people have done it and they have achieved their goal, people who are down 40, 50, 60 kilos, and who have not regained, are the best examples of the diet works. You can find our recipes or tips on or on our YouTube channel. Thank friends to lose weight for this opportunity to chat with you!

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