Antonio Banderas: Mediterranean diet and slimming white tea

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29401061-antonio-banderasStaying fit with healthy and balanced diet

No one can doubt the fame of Antonio Banderas. This makes him a celebrity who has many followers who want to know everything about his “idol”. Therefore, in this case I’ll tell you that diet that follows and how he manages to stay fit is.

While Antonio Banderas is known internationally and is part of his life in Hollywood, his Spanish origin influences your life, including your diet and how to stay fit. How?

Antonio Banderas is one of the followers of the Mediterranean diet and slimming white tea and stay fit.

How is the diet of Antonio Banderas?

The following Antonio Banderas diet is the Mediterranean diet. This diet is based on consumption: mainly fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, pasta, bread and olive oil.

According to his comments, avoid the consumption of beef and choosing prefer chicken or turkey.

Also based their diet is based on the food pyramid, consuming more grain as whole and avoiding the consumption of foods high in saturated fats and simple sugars.

In this diet adds one more secret, the daily consumption of white tea. They are known antioxidants and slimming properties of this infusion. White tea contains polyphenols and other substances that act on cells and adipose tissue, helping to increase fat metabolism, preventing oxidation of fats and the action of free radicals.

There is even information that says that the compounds of this tea have properties that reduces blood glucose and is also useful for the treatment of those suffering from metabolic syndrome (associated with obesity or overweight syndrome).

Antonio Banderas is that makes a balanced and healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet, which adds the addition of white tea. (How to Buy)

Despite its healthy diet, care of your figure it is not as physically active to supplement the diet.

What physical activity performed?

While Antonio Banderas before becoming an actor was an athlete (football player in the team of Malaga), today performs a routine in which complements aerobic exercise like running daily for 30 minutes cycling with localized exercises soft, plus a yoga session.

Being famous should not be synonymous with lawlessness, excesses, poor diet and physical inactivity. On the contrary, to give the best in your profession needs to be balanced inside and out. One way to achieve this is through a diet and exercise diary, and what better to share it.

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