Are there cheaper diets and what like?

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Which are?

Today obesity has become an epidemic and therefore needs to be treated, especially with individual special diets. But there are cheap diets and they like? And if so what. I invite you to know them.

There is a wide range of diets that supposedly help you lose weight; even many of them promise to do so quickly. But one of the problems you face is the cost of it.

Many are based on books you need to buy for detailed his plan, others include special products such as shakes, protein bars or dietary supplements, and there are even diets based ready-to-eat meats.

9049304-tomate-y-lechuga-sobre-fondo-blancoIn general, all these diets are expensive and if you have many kilos to lose. Therefore, what to do when you need to diet and your budget is low; Diets really exist at low cost? An interesting question to answer.

There are diets that can economic daily, and no need to spend too much money to carry them out successfully. Which are?

Well, they are those diets containing fresh and seasonal foods that make you lose weight in a balanced and healthy way.

How to plan a cheap diet?

First, it is important that before planning your diet, you take a few minutes and pay attention to what foods you have access and which ones to choose according to their taste and nutritional characteristics.

You think that your diet should be divided into 5 or 6 meals a day.

Breakfast: As the most important meal you need to include low-fat milk, fresh fruit and foods containing cereal (shown in brown bread or a spoonful of cereals like oat bran, wheat bran or wheat germ).

Media Morning / Afternoon Media: Choose fresh fruit or fresh vegetables, a handful of nuts, a piece of low fat cheese or a boiled egg (no more than 2 or 3 per week). Choose foods that are cheaper and they are in season.

Lunch: In this food is convenient to prepare recipes that combine fresh vegetables or cooked with a vegetable or cereal. You can make a salad, pudding of vegetables or pasta or rice cereal. As with the collations choose the cheapest vegetables. In general, especially leafy vegetables provide a similar amount of calories. In case of maize, potatoes or yams eat them once a week and replacing cereals. Also it includes a fruit.

Snack: At snack you can choose an infusion with skim milk or a milk like yogurt. Choose the cheapest option and accompany with two or soda crackers.

Dinner: The dinner includes a serving of meat, if fish better, but it is very expensive reduces their frequency of use, and choose meats that have little visible fat. In the case of chicken or turkey skin scrape out. The best way to cook it on the grill or griddle to remove excess fat you have. Accompanies these meats with seasonal vegetables and fruit.

For dieting is not necessary to spend a lot of money, caring and knowing lots choosing fresh seasonal foods can build menus that are low-calorie, healthy hipograsos.

To increase metabolism, walking 40 minutes a day. Walking is free, improve your cardiovascular fitness and helps you burn fat.

Remember that an expensive diet is not synonymous with effective. The best way to lose weight is to learn to eat.

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