Balanced Diet: How to prepare yourself

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19220239-the-food-sana-in-kitchen-steam-to-steam-to-many-vegetable-and-fruitHow to lose weight eating healthy

Balanced diet, may not have quick results you intend. However, that anxiety will not win, because the important thing is to know how to lose weight eating healthy and it is important that you know how to prepare yourself balanced diet.

The goal of slimming not simply be to lose the extra kilos you have, but to help you, through food, not get fat again.

Also, if you design yourself and prepare your balanced diet, you learn to change habits that also take care of your health in general. It is therefore very important that you learn how to lose weight eating healthy.

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To achieve this, and design your balanced diet without too many complications, you can take into account a nutrition guide very easy to use, designed by the United States Department of Agriculture, known as My Plate. While this guide was designed to perform a normal balanced diet, you can take it into account diet. How?

If you follow the suggestions and tips in this guide, your diet will change both in quality and quantity, and if you add that physical activity and other lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and excessive drinking. The odds you lose weight slowly but effectively increase.

My plate suggests you take as a reference a plate. Which you divide into 4 parts:

Grains or whole grains (30% of the size of the dish)
Vegetables, 30% of the size of dish.
Fruits, 20% of the dish.
Protein, 20% of the plate.
At this rate we must add a glass of milk or low-fat or light yogurt. As well as reduce consumption of salt and sugar (which can be replaced with stevia or sucralose).

Even Harvard University suggested slightly modify this guide, adding the consumption of healthy oils like canola or olive. On the other hand, it suggests the consumption of water, tea and fruit juices, free of added sugar.

Obesity can be fought in different ways, but learning to design your Mass your own balanced diet, not only will help you lose weight, but to fight against the complications of being overweight, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension, among others.

Balanced diets for weight loss are not the most popular, but if the healthiest. What do you think?

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