Because weight down with Dr. Atkins Diet

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After trying so many diets that yes, they work but very short-term and then have a habit of leaving us to our fate so that we recover exponentially those extra pounds we lost them, it’s time to look for a diet that will accompany us for a longer period for first fairly quickly lose all that fat is left over time. Second, educate ourselves on how we should eat to avoid the yo-yo effect. And third, to stay at that weight that makes us feel so comfortable with ourselves.

Whatever they say out there, we still we attach great importance to the image we project of ourselves facing both public and behind closed doors. Fortunately or unfortunately, feel thinner, lightweight molded or ultimately thinner makes our self-esteem is higher and our self confidence multiply. Therefore, the fact feel more vital and more capable will be reflected in our daily actions, then certainly we will have a huge desire to eat the world, and all because we are especially handsome and beautiful.

logo With this goal in mind to feel ideal, we present the Atkins diet. It is a nutritional method developed by American physician Dr. Robert Atkins. This is not a new discovery, since it already been on the market about 40 years. However, yes we can say that has little to do with that developed in the 70s regime, as has reinvented itself to finish with those nutritional deficiencies permeating the Atkins plan at its inception and was much criticized by his peers professional.

Now, the new Atkins diet, has become stronger by offering a more balanced diet that enjoys some approval by the international scientific community. Let us see what this method.

Table of Contents [close]
1 How it works and what the Atkins diet
2 The four phases Atkins
2.1 Phase 1: Induction. Maximum duration 2 weeks.
2.2 Phase 2: Losing weight continuously. About 7 kilos of your target
2.3 Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance. A 4.5kg your target. One month
2.4 Phase 4: Maintenance
2.5 Video on the Atkins diet:
How it works and what the Atkins diet

the four phases of the Atkins diet

The new Atkins plan is based on the intake of foods rich in protein and fiber. This means almost completely eliminate carbohydrates from our diet. For them outside of combat, it will be easier to lose weight. But we not alarmed us because we will gradually adding carbohydrates to our daily lives so that our body assimilate and properly digest properly without fatten. In addition, if we want to lead a healthy life in which we finally stay in correct weight for life and according to our standards, carbohydrates have q be part of it, because they provide a number of nutrients necessary and fundamental for our body.

4 Phases Atkins

Dr. Atkins has devised four different phases to weight loss is a process that takes hold in time and avoid back.

Phase 1: Induction. Maximum duration 2 weeks.

In this first stage we will make our body begins to burn fat which is equal to a loss of weight rapidly.

So we must take the following steps:

Eat 5 times a day
Proteins are the fundamental basis, so it is a must eat at least 150g of meat, fish, shellfish, eggs or dairy at every meal, including breakfast.
We can only consume 20 grams of carbohydrates that we find in certain vegetables.
To rehydrate only water and tea.
lose weight easily with the Adkins diet

Phase 2: Losing weight continuously. About 7 kilos of your target

Here, the laws are less stringent and we can start to enjoy the pleasure of eating while still losing weight because quite increases the variety of foods and their proportions.

We can consume up to 25 grams of carbohydrates
Add cheeses such as mozzarella, nuts and berries to our regime
Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance. A 4.5kg your target. One month

In the penultimate stage we will focus on end to lose those kilos that separate us from the goal and retrain our body in the assimilation of carbohydrates to prevent weight gain

Phase 4: Maintenance

And we end with the weight that we set and that suits us. At this point, all we have to do as Atkins is “finding personal balance of carbohydrates” and enjoy life

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