Beet diet for weight loss

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10422379-jugo-de-remolacha-jugo-saludableA fast and depurative regimen

The betabe or beet diet is one of those regimens that should not be extended for many days. As much can be done for ten days, since it is mainly a cleansing diet, to cleanse the body and lose a few kilos. It is based on the daily consumption of a juice that must be prepared with this vegetable as an important part and be accompanied also by a diet low in calories and low in fat. Do you want to know a little more about it? You just have to read this article.

Here are the guidelines to follow in the beet or beet diet:

You must drink at noon, before the meal and at night, before the dinner, a juice that you prepare with six beets, ten carrots and ten oranges. Consume half and half, as you will surely get a good amount. It is essential to have a juice extractor.

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When choosing meals, the dishes should be as reduced in fat as possible. Consume a portion of protein (white meats, lean fillets, fish, legumes, etc.) with a good salad or vegetable garnish. Take advantage of sweets and alcohol and do not abuse carbohydrates.
As stated in the first instance, the diet should not extend beyond a week, ten days at most. It is a fast and cleansing regimen. Some people have lost up to five and six kilos in ten days doing this diet, which speaks very well of it. Do you dare to try it?

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