Blueberry detox water to cleanse the body

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10181807-ar-ndanos-frescosA diuretic, cleansing and detoxifying preparation

Do you want to learn how to prepare a rich blueberry detox water? While it will not be a miracle for you to lose weight, will help significantly to cleanse your body, because it activates the kidneys and also helps cleanse your intestines, among other things. You stop not try this simple recipe!

The detox waters are an excellent choice to replace at least part of water consumption, but with added benefits. The premise is simple: flavored water with natural elements, to help you clean your body, either increasing your ability to eliminate retained fluids, to work your intestines and also activating digestion, your liver metabolism and others.

This does not mean they are a miracle weight loss, much less. But if they can help you feel cleaner, free of toxins and also to deshincharte a bit. Would you like to try a detox cranberry water? This is a recipe that has become popular fitness star Jillian Michael. Will it result to help cleanse the body? Maybe. For now, here are the steps so you can try it.


Three cups of mineral water
A cup of dandelion tea
Two tablespoons of concentrated cranberry juice (or half a cup of blueberries processed in the blender)
Two tablespoons of lemon juice
Stevia or no-calorie sweetener to taste

Prepare the infusion of dandelion and let it cool.
Mixed with water, cranberry juice, lemon juice and, if desired, a little stevia or other noncaloric sweetener.
Bring the preparation refrigerator for one or two hours for the flavors settle.
Drink throughout the day, complementing to reach a minimum of two liters more water or some tea.

What brings you this water detox through their ingredients?

Blueberries: This berry is great to stimulate kidney function. While it is not overdone diuretic, bilberry is very good to protect the kidneys and general cleaning. also they help with their antioxidant content and are good allies for those suffering from gastritis.

Dandelion: A herb that is, on the one hand, very cleansing and also helps stimulate diuretic function. Some even argue that it can get to have a fat burning action, although not confirmed.

Lemon: A fruit detox par excellence. Help detoxifying and deshinchante any preparation, which is why it never hurts.

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  1. This detox water will definitely cleanse the toxins inside your body. Regular detoxification will keep your organs clean and healthy. There are lots of detox recipes that you could try for a more healthier drink.

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