Brown rice salad for Dukan diet

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13439336-un-plato-de-arroz-basmati-con-guarnici-n-de-cilantro-culantro-y-caliente-chiles-para-acompa-ar-una-cBrown rice salad suitable for Dukan diet

Surely, if you are doing the Dukan diet, the subject of cereal and that kind of carbohydrate will make you a bit restless. But you will have some liberties when you touch the optional food or in the consolidation phase. To eat something tasty, succulent and without leaving the line, you can well take into account this brown rice salad. Perfect to have many things in one dish, without going to something excessively caloric.

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One cup of cooked brown rice
A boiled egg
Some slice of cooked ham
Some pickles
A little chopped chives
Oil and vinegar
Salt and pepper

Do not have too many mysteries this brown rice salad for Dukan diet. Simply place the previously cooked rice in a bowl suitable for salads. Add the gherkins cut into slices, the ham in strips, the chopped egg and top with some slice of scallion, to give a little more flavor. Spice, of course, with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Thus, you will have a perfect recipe for free food or the consolidation phase of the Dukan diet. This salad is a dish that fits perfectly to the mission of giving something satiating, with hydrates, but healthy and with many other properties, in addition to being complete.

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