¿Calories or protein? What have when diet?

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Controversy when dieting

When it comes to losing weight are not the same positions and opinions. One of the controversies to a diet and bring to light some scientists is yes when it comes to losing weight is better count calories or protein ¿? If you want to know what conclusion they came not miss this note.

Each person needs a diet providing a specific amount of calories and a certain percentage of macronutrients such as proteins.

40181246-vista-superior-de-la-rueda-de-queso-aisladoAccording to some scientists, weight loss is more important to increase the percentage of protein in the diet account for the calories.

For this group of researchers meet the energy input by foods it is a very simple position, since it is necessary to know how to interact with the different macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) to provide energy and regulate appetite.

For certain researchers at the University of Sydney, foods are composed of a mixture of nutrients that interact with each other, regulating the system of satiety – appetite.

For these scientists are balanced and unbalanced foods foods that have a positive or negative effect on appetite regulation. Unbalanced foods would be those that provide little amount of protein, which increase the feeling of hunger. By increasing this sense, it increases food intake.

This study was conducted on monkeys and apes. During the same, it was observed that these animals chose different combinations of food consumed daily, obtaining a constant balance. Despite the different combinations, we observed that protein intake was always 20%.

These results are interesting because they can be used to control and prevent overweight and obesity. What? Ensuring a sufficient level of protein. This would explain why the Atkins Diet or the Dukan diet, in its first phase, is effective to lose weight quickly.

For these scientists, an easy way to ensure this balance is to avoid eating processed foods and return to a more natural diet, eating foods from different groups, avoiding cooking can denature them.

It is important to remember that ensure a good protein intake does not mean make a protein diet, as this also is unbalanced and can cause other health problems.

Conclusion. Dieting is not just a matter of energy balance, but the diet needs to be balanced and harmonious, emphasizing the quality of nutrients that provide food.

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