Chicken Dukan Diet Cake

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11080490-arroz-al-vapor-con-sopa-de-pollo-en-tailandiaSimple Recipe for Cruise Phase

Chicken is one of the head choices for all those who find themselves doing the Dukan diet. This type of protein is usually very important within this regimen. That’s why you just have to try different variants that you can think of, so do not be bored. This chicken pie is great because as well as being light, you can cook it up in the microwave. You just have to follow the recipe, suitable for the PV phase cruise.


500 grams of lean chicken (breast)
An onion
A pepper
Two cloves of garlic
Three boiled eggs
Vegetable spray
Salt, pepper and spices

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Place the chicken, well ground or processed with a shredder, into a bowl. Add the chopped onion, as well as the garlic and the pepper. Subsequently season well with salt, pepper and the spices you like. Mix well. You will not need egg, since the chicken and its gelatinous consistency in crude will help that everything binds easily.

Spread half of the mixture onto a deep, rectangular container, previously sprayed with vegetable spray. Subsequently, place the whole cooked eggs. Cover with the rest of the chicken mixture and, above, if you wish, you can even cover with a slice of smoked turkey or york ham. Take it to the oven until it is cooked or you can even cook it in the microwave. A great recipe for the Dukan diet in its cruise phase.

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