Christmas menu rich, low in calories and for the whole family, with ABC Dukan

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20638002-christmasA Weight Loss Contest: Win the Christmas menu, light and suitable for all your family group

As already suggested you to participate in the assembly of a routine exercise video or Dukan diet menu, you touch the contest this month is to win a customized menu for Christmas dinner. What is the idea? That is rich, low calorie, suitable for the whole family, including an armed proposal especially for your whole family (and those who attend the dinner). Your set before the recipes, we will adapt and have the video for the main course. What are you waiting for particupar?

The holidays are coming and, no doubt, that is the time where many end up exceeding more of the account and throwing away the effort brought to diet. Nobody does not like to enjoy the festivities. For this reason, do not be afraid to lose weight will make everything more bearable for you on Christmas Eve. It is that through this competition, can participate for a light and lively, rich and for the whole family, menu with all the details so that no one is unhappy or end up regretting the excesses of the day is prepared.

What you get in this contest?

Neither more nor less than to prepare the menu for Christmas Eve dinner. It shall consist of the amount of dishes to choose users lose weight. You have the recipe for each, with data preparation of each, including ingredients, number of servings, calories and all you need to know about it. All adapted to the number of people who have come out the winner of the contest family type.

You will also provide some additional tips for you to spend the holidays enjoying, but without excess. It is that always can and see that this menu you’ll see.

Moreover, as in this contest you choose what the main dish winner of comments, this is not here. As icing on the cake, Claudia ABC will prepare Dukan neither more nor less than the corresponding recipe video to the main course. So, not only have everything you need to know about the recipes, but you can even see how the main course so light is prepared in a video. As for the avoidance of any doubt, right?

What do you have to do to participate

First, you have to leave in the polls below the amount of dishes you want to have on your table and the number of guests that will be that night. For what? To the resulting menu personalized, adapted to your tastes and the number of people who’ll have to receive on Christmas eve.
Later, in the comments, you have to leave a suggestion recipe you want to be part of this phase of the diet. You like chicken? Propose something with it. Like the beef? For it to her. Do you like fish? Do not let then suggest it in the comments.

The proposed recipe for the comment most voted by users (by clicking the winner is voted up thumb below each comment, as you can see in the image below), it will be included in the winning menu.
Looking supporters for your dish and vote that you like from others. Only one dish can be chosen and will choose one that is of most interest to everyone. If you are looking for supporters to vote your plate, you will ensure that the main course will be the light and sound of the version you want. If still not earn, but you voted that you like about the other, you have a good chance that the menu you like.

This contest will run from 25 November to 3 December. The winning menu and the video will be published on 16 December, so that you have time to participate and also to gather everything necessary so that nothing is missing in your holiday table.

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