Cleansing diet orange

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14215768-naranjas-frescasProperties orange diet

Since ancient times the cleansing of the body is related to the proper functioning of the body, especially when a change of season occurs. So if you’re looking to detoxify your body does not miss to know the cleansing diet orange, that their property is ideal, too, for weight loss.

Tips to implement the diet orange
When the body is purified, it increases metabolism and function of the various organs of the digestive system (stomach, liver, gallbladder and intestines) improvement; the same applies to the renal system.

Functional upgrading of the different organs is the best place for you to start losing weight. In principle you better know what properties are orange.

Properties orange

Low calorie. The orange is a citrus fruit with very low calories, only 47 calories / 100 g. A large orange of about 184 gr. It gives you only 86 calories.

Fiber. Its fiber (2.4 gr / 100 gr. Orange) helps cleansing the body as it stimulates intestinal peristalsis.

natural antioxidant. Orange contains vitamin C, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin E, among other antioxidants. These natural substances promote the oxidation of fat by the cells to obtain energy.
It is diuretic. Orange is a fruit high in potassium. This mineral stimulates the renal system, helping to eliminate excess fluid from the body. It is ideal for naturally treat fluid retention.

Now that you know their nutritional and slimming, I invite you to know how your diet.

Example diet orange

Breakfast: A glass of orange juice without sugar. A cup of chamomile tea and sugar ponytail.
Midmorning: A yogurt and a cup of tea without sugar.
Food: An orange before eating. medium tomato salad, onion, lettuce and egg. Toasted bread.
Snack: A glass of orange juice. 1 cup of tea.
Dinner: An orange before eating. 150 gr. turkey or chicken breast grilled with tomato and cucumber.
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Tips to implement the diet orange

Often to the diet. I advise you to do it for a period of one week, 2 or 3 times a year.
Physical activity. Note that when you do not practice perform intense physical activity, because come down a lot of weight in a short time.

Way of consuming orange juice. It is important not to forget the orange juice consumed within 30 minutes squeezed, do not miss more time, but lose their vitamin C, so you lose the antioxidant effect.

side effects to consider. You can feel some sort of gastric discomfort, because the body tries to adapt to this new diet, so you must do it progressively. If symptoms are important, in addition to consulting with your doctor, you can try doing a slower progression: Start with 1 cup of orange juice diluted (half water and half juice) and then progresses to ¾ ¼ juice and water, until the glass of pure orange juice.

After the diet. After making the diet of orange for weight loss and toxins for a week, you can add to foods like cereal juice and seeds such as sesame, oats, walnuts, almonds, bran, etc., that will give you lots of energy. An ideal proposal for a hearty breakfast.

With orange fruit you can not just a diet, but also cure the orange that has a greater detoxifying.

Remember that it is always important to consult your doctor with any questions or concerns.

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