Coffee calories

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22743064-taza-de-caf-con-granos-de-cafHow many calories have a coffee

It is well known that the calories coffee, like those of other infusions, are practically nonexistent. However, rarely drink coffee alone generally consumes coffee with sugar and often taken with milk. If you start to add calories and multiply by cafés you drink a day, you will see that the total calories is not negligible. Therefore, you may not be interested to know how many calories a cafe but definitely need to know how many calories are in that you take daily.
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Liquids are the most dangerous diets. Often we fall into the mistake of thinking that do not add calories or just add very few calories, especially when it comes to tea and coffee.

But a few times coffee is just coffee. Sugar calories, added to milk, can make your cup of latte climb rapidly from 10 calories, which would be those that have no sugar or milk-to no less than 200 calories! !!

In defense of the traditional latte, it should be noted that it is an ideal, rich in carbohydrates and protein, instant energizer in a good breakfast to lose weight, with which you quickly put in place.

In any case, the minimum calories between one coffee and the maximum calories from whole milk with coffee and sugar, not to mention cappuccinos, frapuccinos and other variants such as high-calorie appetizing, there are several alternatives.

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Coffee caloric value of his training

In the next chart you can choose the one you prefer, according to the amount of calories in each cup of coffee:

Calories coffee and latte
Coffee cup Calories per 200 cm³
only coffee without sugar 10
coffee with a teaspoon of sugar 30
10 coffee with stevia
coffee with whole milk (half coffee, half milk) and 2 teaspoons sugar 110
coffee and milk with 3 tablespoons sugar 200
coffee with skim milk (half coffee, half milk) and stevia 37
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How to lose weight coffee

Moreover, caffeine stimulates lipolysis, prevents fluid retention and an appetite suppressant. There is even a famous coffee diet based on eating beans before and after each main meal.

Moreover, in recent times, it has imposed consumption of green coffee extract, which are attributed quemagrasas properties. In the video below, you will find more information on the slimming properties of this delicious infusion.

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