Combining natural supplements and exercises

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10440639-exercisesYou want to lose weight exercising? Do you want to achieve your mission carrying a super healthy and natural food? So this interview with Irene It is good for you. Expert fitness and nutrition, you will do all natural supplements you can consume to be full of energy and also to burn those extra kilos.

Surely you know Irene Good for the interview’ve already read in these pages, where he said some very interesting things about the raw vegan diet. This young man, who in addition to feed naturally specializes in fitness and nutrition, combines a rather complicated facet, at least for ordinary people: a diet containing no animal proteins and still show full and be an athlete high level.

On that occasion, he had told that he used many natural supplements to keep fit and full of energy, in order to practice exercises. So why not learn more about their nutritional and sports secrets? Surely, all that counts in this note can get you to be very interesting, especially if you want to be fit, but without resorting to animal foods, artificial supplements or other things that keep you from your natural center.

‘What natural supplements you recommend to those who want to be full of energy for exercise to lose weight without diet is compromised?

-To Have more energy to exercise and also lose weight, it is best to train on an empty stomach. This may be fasting in the morning or just before eating or just before dinner. I personally always recommend physical activity throughout the morning. This causes the body to have all your energy available to devote to exercise (since we are not devoting energy to digestive processes) and on the other hand, makes the absence of glucose available the last meal, the body goes precisely to draw power from our deposits. That is, everything that accumulates in adipose tissue. Thus lipid metabolism is activated, through which the body transforms our fat into energy.

If you think it will be difficult to train on an empty stomach (although everything is to try it) you can take one or two hours before performing the exercise some watery fruit (for example, now in winter, citrus), a smoothie.

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