Cream of sardines for Dukan diet

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42641645-at-n-crudoA rich pate suitable from attack phase

The attack phase of the Dukan diet is the one that can end up doing abandon anyone who is not well planned recipes. Boredom can be lethal, but also be avoided. Why not try this rich cream pate or sardines?

The Dukan diet has become one of the most famous in the world because many famous people have embraced it and have given some fame and also because ordinary people, like any life, it has also obtained good results with it. It is true that gets complicated at first, but here we offer you alternatives that make this more bearable regime.

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This recipe for cream of sardines, for example, can become a good ally for those times where you do not know what to eat or peck during the attack, the pure protein, the most complicated of all the diet. Taste and see the rich is. It’s like a kind of pâté, but done in case and suitable for the most complicated stage of this diet.


100 grams of canned sardines natural well drained
50 grams of white cheese 0% Spreads
A teaspoon of mustard powder
Garlic powder
A little lemon juice
Salt and pepper

As noted, well it drained sardines and Mash them with a fork. Mix them with white cheese (always 0%) and forms a smooth paste well, until the elements are fully integrated. Season with mustard, garlic powder, lemon juice, salt and pepper infaltable touch. Mix and so you have this pâté of sardines ready to enjoy.

During the attack phase you can use it to fill egg whites, forming the classic egg filling. Of course, you can also use it to accompany the traditional bread Dukan. It’s about what you add to your diet and enjoy a less common option within this regime, as are these cute pecking creams. Later in the diet, if you wish, you can add some allowed vegetable. Or even accompany this terrine with any of them.

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