Cream Turkey for Dukan Diet

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47929599-turkey-meatFit from the attack phase

The turkey is one of the meats allowed inside the Dukan diet, in all its phases. It is good, since it can allow to go varying other preparations and thus not having to eat always the same. Of texture and flavor similar to that of chicken, but with another fleshiness, perhaps more succulent, the turkey will get along with this “cream” that will accompany it in this recipe. Ah! A detail not less: it is suitable from the attack phase. Try it without fear.


Two fillets of turkey breast
A stream of skim milk 0%
A tablespoon of cheese spreadable 0% type San Millán or Quark
Salt, pepper and herbs

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Place the fillets of turkey breast in a frying pan, browning on both sides. When they are practically cooked, add the milk. As soon as it boils, add the cream cheese 0% to start dissolving, leaving a thick sauce with good consistency.

On the end, put out the fire, season with salt, pepper and herbs that you like. The birds usually get along with the rosemary, but if you prefer something softer, you can either use thyme, sage or a little chopped parsley to finish tasting this delicious and more than simple Dukan turkey.

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