Curried chicken skewers for Dukan diet

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15753915-char-pollo-asado-llamado-yakitoriOriental food without leaving the regime

It must be said: many times, condiments and spices are the ones that end up giving the final touch and the special flavor to any preparation. For that reason, you should not stop using them, since they do not add almost calories, but yes much additional taste. In a tiered diet like the Dukan diet, these curried chicken skewers will make you feel in India for an instant. And you will get a fabulous end result.


250 grams of chicken thighs without skin, fat, or bones
The juice of half a lemon
A teaspoon of olive oil
Required amount of curry
Salt, pepper and garlic powder

Cut the chicken thighs (we choose this meat because it is tastier than the breast in a preparation of these characteristics, but you can change it) in cubes and place in a container with olive oil, lemon juice and also curry, salt , Pepper and a little garlic powder. Stir well and bring to the refrigerator for at least two hours, so that the chicken is well seasoned.

Now you only have to form skewers with the cubes of chicken thighs and cook them in the griddle, grill, oven or pan. Whatever, but hot and all around. You will have delicious skewers in a short time. This recipe is valid from the attack phase of the Dukan diet.

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