Detox watermelon water to clean toxins

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41071106-watermelonA good preparation to cleanse the liver, kidneys and lose weight

Do you feel like making a detox diet and incorporate it as a good healthy drink? Do you want to try something fresh that will serve well to lose weight and cleanse your body a little? Then it’s time to try this detox watermelon water, perfect for weight loss.

Surely you who are regular reader of everything that has to do with natural techniques to help you lose weight and live better, know perfectly well that a diet is detox. These diets usually suggest that you can rid toxins from your body without any problem.
This is how often rely almost an almost vegan food, almost raw, full of many fruits and vegetables with specific properties, which will help cleanse your body. Of course, this recipe water watermelon detox diet is an excellent example in this section.

Recipe Water watermelon detox

To prepare you will not need much more than a few pieces of watermelon, fresh well water, mint leaves or mint and lemon juice. Follow this very simple recipe and enjoy a perfect detox drink you can use water even as day when you look.


A half liter of water
Two cups of watermelon cubes
A good branch mint leaves
The juice of a lemon
A lemon

Cut watermelon into cubes and place in a jar or large glass jar well. Remember you have to have a capacity of at least two liters.
Add one of the lemons cut into wedges and other directly squeezed. Roughly cut mint leaves and mix.
Now, the shift will incorporate water to this recipe. It is very fresh and as clean as possible.
Take this mixture in the refrigerator or a cool dark place. Let stand overnight to allow flavors to amiguen each other.
Strain and serve with fruit and drinks throughout the day.
Corrects the amount of water for the next preparation if you like softer. You can use the remaining fruit pulp to prepare a rich smoothie: do not throw it!

watermelon detox Why is this preparation?

Watermelon has large capacities diuretic, which is always good to cleanse the kidneys. But also, citrulline also contains a substance which is great to help purify the liver.
Mint is very refreshing and digestive, being wonderful in the end result of this detox water. Use it fresh, it tastes much better and retains the properties in full.
Lemon, what about it, helps cleanse the liver, purifying the intestines, is considered fat burning and also serves to produce bile, a substance essential for the digestion of fats.
The combination of all these elements will really wonders of flavor and is very healthy. Taste it as you can.

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