Diet for those who work at night

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47206848-nightBalance your biological rhythm and lose weight

Today it is very common to find people who work at night. If this is your case, you may want to know how should be the diet to balance your biological rhythm and lose weight.

When you work at night time, your whole body is altered. The circadian rhythm of your body is completely unbalanced. Naturally we have more energy during the first half of the day and after that, the metabolism goes down in connection with the passing hours. Therefore, at night you sleep and sleep. It is not just a habit, is part of nature.

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Working at night brings many health complications, one of them is overweight. If this is your case, you brindaré a diet to balance your biological rhythm and lose weight.

Diet for those who work at night

When you come into your home, it will surely be very early in the morning you will take the first meal of the day or breakfast. 1 cup of chamomile tea. 2 slices of bread with a slice of low-fat cheese and a slice of turkey.
When you wake up, if possible before 15 pm. You have lunch. Half an hour before you take 2 cups of cold water or 1 bowl of broth light. 1 serving of chicken or turkey without standing grilled salad with brown rice (1 cup) with broccoli and carrots. 1 fruit.
2 hours before entering your work you will make a meal, which would amount to snack. 1 cup of green tea. 1 skimmed yogurt. 1 cup of fruit salad.
Lunch box to take: Fresh leaves salad with cubes of low-fat cheese, egg, chopped egg. If you want you can add chopped tuna or chicken. 1 fresh fruit or a portion of light gelatin.
As you work you can drink tea, mineral water or light broths. If you feel hungry always have at hand an emergency kit that can help if you feel anxiety.
It is proven to work at night causes sleep problems, fatigue or physical and mental fatigue, which in turn causes digestive and nervous disorders. It is therefore important that in addition to think about losing weight, you consider you should do it in a balanced and healthy way.

Remember that it is important to perform controls your doctor.

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