Do salads fat?

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15086708-caesar-saladLow-calorie meals that can fatten

Do salads fat? This question seems strange, but if you’re dieting may be interested to know the answer. Therefore, do not miss the information of how low-calorie vegetables can fatten.

With the heat of summer, it increases the consumption of fresh vegetables. While this is great for those who, like you, want to lose weight; You may end up being a problem but are consumed properly. A salad made with low-calorie vegetables, can become a high-calorie meal.

To the question salads fat? The answer is not so simple, because it depends not only on fresh vegetables you use, but also from other foods you choose and seasonings you use.

So you can better understand your salads if you add different fresh vegetables, such as carrots, lettuce, spinach or tomato raw, can stay calm that here are preparing a low-calorie meal. But if you add this salad sauces, such as mayonnaise, white sauce or other you like, the calorific value increases and can become a preparation not suitable for slimming diets.

On the other hand if your salads you add potatoes, pasta, cereals (rice) and pulses (lentils, chick peas or beans) without controlling the amount, you can convert a light salad, in a high-calorie salad. This does not mean you can not eat these foods in salads, in fact it would be very good you did, but you control the amount (no more than one cup) and not to mix between them.

If you also want to add cheese, you should pay attention, because not all cheeses are suitable for weight loss. While it is a food that gives you satiety, you can also bring a lot of fat and calories to your salad, so choose light or white cheese cheese low fat firm dough.

Other foods that can increase calories is meat salads. In this case you must choose turkey or chicken breast without skin, cooked grilled or grilled, as well as fish.

The salads are associated directly to weight loss diets, but if you are not careful with foods that you can incorporate preparation convert low calories, a meal that can fatten. Therefore, prepare your salads with fresh vegetables you want, but beware that you incorporate other foods, as well as with the seasonings you use. The best are olive oil, spices, vinegar, lemon or apple cider vinegar.

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