Dukan eggplant gratin with ham

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11447600-la-berenjena-o-berenjena-vegetales-sobre-fondo-blancoEggplant recipe for cruise phase

If you’re the Dukan diet recipes lights or want to know, do not miss this recipe for eggplant gratin with ham. This preparation is not only ideal for cruising the Dukan method, phase but also for other diets.

aubergine gratin
If you make the Dukan diet, you know that there are different phases in which you can eat only certain foods.

So if you are in the cruise phase you can prepare a tasty recipe for eggplant gratin with ham Dukan.

Recipe eggplant gratin with ham Dukan

4 large eggplants.
4 onions.
2 tomatoes.
4 slices ham or visible fat,
Brewer’s yeast powder.

Cut the onion and fry in a nonstick skillet and reserve.
While cutting the eggplant into slices and dóralas in the pan.
After this procedure, place eggplant slices on her onion, tomato slices, chopped ham, again another slice of eggplant and finally more chopped onion.
Finally, sprinkle grated parmesan cheese, with brewer’s yeast.
It leads to moderate oven 30 to 40 minutes.
This recipe for eggplant with ham York can be a main meal, you can eat both lunch and dinner. Both the eggplant, like onions and tomatoes are vegetables that favor the cleansing of the body, and also low calorie.

Moreover, the ham (one of the few allowed sausages on a diet to lose weight) provides protein and gives a special flavor to this recipe. Do not forget that Parmesan cheese provides essential animal protein for the body.

Finally, brewer’s yeast is a cleansing supplement that can include in your diet to lose weight.

If you are doing the Dukan diet and you’re on cruise phase, you may consider other recipes, such as shrimp sauteed or stuffed veal.

This recipe can be prepared not only if you are doing the Dukan diet because it may be suitable for other types of diets to lose weight.

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