Equivalences important for a diet to lose weight

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11831397-fork-isolated-on-whiteMeasures to make the diet easier

When making a diet to lose weight, equivalences and measures are very important because they make the diet easier and you avoid the need to weigh each and every food.

The different measures and equivalents may facilitate diet, so you only have to keep in mind cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, units of food or dishes. Thus, dieting will not be so tedious, complicated and boring.

equivalences important for a diet to lose weight

equivalent measures for liquids

1 tablespoon: 15 to 20 ml.
1 teaspoon: 5 ml.
1 teaspoon coffee size: 3 ml.
1 cup large 250 ml.
½ large cup: 125 ml.
1/3 large cup: 80 ml.
¼ large cup: 60 ml.
1 cup of coffee: 100 ml.
1 cup: 200 ml.
1 bowl: 225 ml.
equivalent measures for solid

1 cup flour: 100 gr.
1 cup sugar: 225 gr.
1 cup uncooked rice: 180 gr.
1 medium cooked vegetable dish: 200-250 gr.
1 large bowl of pasta or rice or soup: 250 gr.
1 medium dish of raw vegetables: 100 gr.
These measures are just some equivalences diet that can help you make a diet easier. If you consider these equivalences need not directly weigh food. This facilitates not only diet but preparing light meals or low calorie.

These are small or big tricks that facilitate your diet, so you can put emphasis on the realization and progression of dietary therapy without worrying so much and food you consume.

Dieting can be easy or difficult depending on how the take out. If you consider all these tricks and tips will not only be easier but will avoid different factors to boycott it.

Remember that if you need to lose weight, it is important that you take a balanced diet that a doctor or nutritionist can be measured regularly, to see how it progresses and if necessary make adjustments.

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