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12905319-Rice-and-beansThe raw vegan diet as a lifestyle

Have you heard about the raw vegan diet, also known as raw diet? This scheme can help you not only lose weight and feel much better overall health, but it is a kind of completely ethical and sustainable food. But what better tell you Irene Well, one of the leaders in Spain on the subject, what is this diet. Enjoy this interview.

Articles, books and studies on raw food or raw vegan
You’ve probably heard more than once the raw vegan diet mention, also known as raw diet. This type of feeding, as its name proclaims, simply as raw material all kinds of plant foods that are eaten raw, below 41 ° C. This regime, although it is much more than a diet to lose weight, because it is an ethical and lifestyle can help you stay fit, energetic and very healthy

Here’s how you can tell what Irene Well, one of the undisputed reference on the subject in Spain. She is three years ago and raw vegan vegetarian since birth. He is an instructor of fitness, nutrition and sports supplementation. It is also personal trainer and practitioner of karate. As if that were not enough, she teaches spinning, yoga, body balance, personal training and nutritional coaching. Also, “in his spare time” it is chef and manages the Facebook group of raw vegan in Spain.

All this makes eating day in and day out those raw vegetables that many despise. That is why, who better than her to tell you what this diet and lifestyle is?

raw vegan diet: more than a diet, a philosophy of life

-First Of all, surely many readers know what is the raw vegan diet or raw. Could you tell what it is?

-More Than a diet is a philosophy of life, which includes, among other things, feeding on an ethical, healthy and sustainable way. Ethics with other sentient beings with whom we share the planet; healthy because it respects our biology and our organic food; sustainable because it promotes the sharing of resources of the planet among its inhabitants. The feed portion would be based on fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, seaweed, roots … and all those foods if possible organic origin without heating above 41º, temperature from which the food produces digestive leukocytosis, loss of energy, and it loses all its enzymes and also begins to lose vitamins and minerals.

How and why it is that you volcaste to this kind of diet? Already you were bringing previous experience in veganism or some similar type of food?

I have the good fortune to be born vegetarian, always, thanks to my parents. However, despite being vegetarian and sportsman, a few years ago I started having health problems and began to investigate, so I decided to eliminate foods like soy, gluten and all kinds of milk (even ate some cheese) and noticed a great improvement. But when you start to learn and to study nutrition … you can not stop. So I decided to go a little further and try 15 days just to raw to cleanse the body and I felt so full of energy that I decided I wanted to live life with such vitality forever, so I kept eating all raw and it is now almost 3 years of that. :)

raw vegan diet and physical activity

Surely more than one person must be wondering if this diet will generate a lack of nutrients. How can you complement this aspect with your intense sporting activity?

That doubt is normal, I also had to start. We have the false belief that fruit, vegetables, vegetables … are insufficient. We see them as “companions” of the main food, when in fact they are the main food. Not being cooked, they have many more nutrients that are not destroyed by heat. When you clean the intestines (with this power will not get dirty) recovers a greater capacity to assimilate nutrients, so you do not need so many numbers to be nurtured. In the vegetable world we can find all, absolutely all the essential nutrients we need not just to keep with life-but to lead a full and healthy life. Another important issue is to eat organic, organic foods have up to 40% more nutrients, so that ultimately, comes cheaper.

With regard to sport, as sometimes I do not have time to eat all amounts should (I can easily make a shake with 8 to 10 bananas !!) usually use natural superfoods 100% raw and organic. Like maca, hemp seeds, cocoa, wheat grass … this is not supplements are foods that you can find in nature but with a particularly abundant nutrient loading (especially amino acids and vitamins).

Do not forget that the foods that give you energy are the least energy away you for your digestion, and these are fruits, vegetables, etc. And everyone in its raw form.

It would also have to rethink that actual amount of nutrients needs a healthy body, and what harmful side effects it has on our body the indiscriminate use of some of these nutrients, such as protein, which in excess causes acidification, osteoporosis, nitrogenous waste as acid uric, urea, etc.

-While May not be a diet designed to lose weight, but from a more holistic view. Would you recommend to someone who wants to lose weight to follow this type of diet? Why?

-Of course! First because this power excludes all foods that cause obesity, which is nothing but toxemia. And secondly because it is a rich and fun food, where you can eat all you want without restriction of quantity, rich in colors, flavors, and also favors the elimination of toxins and therefore reducing adipose tissue and fluid retention. Besides that, feeling more energetic, people often find the urge to move, to do things, and this sport is essential for weight loss.

Surely the lack of ideas when eating is one of the things that end up colluding in this kind of diets. Any ideas to replace animal products from raw foods? What are your primary sources of protein?

Totally agree, the system has atrophied our creativity in many fields, and raw food is a good chance to recover. I know many people who eat raw and it is wonderful to see how they manage to get rich and well presented dishes. We eat with all the senses, so we must not forget the sight, smell …

In my opinion the products of animal origin must not replace, what you need to do is simply not taking them. And regarding the protein I have the same opinion, many of our health problems are from an excess of protein in the diet, our biggest concern should be not abuse it (either vegetable or animal) and not that we lack. We need much less protein than we are eating, fruits, vegetables, seeds … are essential amino acids, which are those that really need to build our own human protein, nature has designed these foods with proper% nutrients for us , no need to invent anything new and we play to outsmart it by proposing industrial, refined (not food) products isolated nutrients that all they have shown so far is that they are very effective … sick. And fidelizarnos as customers of the medical-pharmaceutical industry.

Recipe: raw vegan lasagna

-Finally, Tell us what your favorite recipe, so readers also can implement.

My favorite recipe is the raw vegan lasagna. It consists of a few slices of zucchini cut into elongated strips (with a mandoline or with a knife and a long pulse) after a layer of avocado into strips with a few drops of lemon, another layer of arugula, another layer of tomato sauce crushed with dried tomato and dates and can repeat well to make 2 or 3 floors, in the last layer put tomato sauce and some spices such as oregano or basil and can accompany with a cleaning liquid cucumber, apple and lime. You will have a delicious meal, light and with a spectacular presentation.

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