Example menu for the Ornish diet, ideal for the heart

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A heart-healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables

Have you ever heard of the Ornish diet? It is a very popular system, which can help you lose weight safely. If you want to know a sample menu, please read this note.

The Ornish diet has become very healthy for people who want to lose weight and also take care of your heart alternative. In fact, the regime began with that frame of mind: make a plan to fight heart disease. And what better way than losing weight?

26390637-ensalada-mediterr-nea-ensalada-griega-aislada-en-un-fondo-blancoThis diet has a base of grain carbohydrates, protein, very low in saturated fats, plenty of fiber and about 1800-2000 calories a day approximate consumption. Would you like to know how a stereotypical menu consists of the Ornish diet? Well, then do not go to waste the rest of the note.

Daily menu exemplary Ornish diet


Coffee or unsweetened tea
A slice of whole wheat toast
A saute zucchini with vegetable spray diced
A cup of strawberries and other berries

A full salad composed of greens, cooked lentils, a tomato, a little onion, shredded carrots and a boiled egg (optional). Season with salt, pepper, lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil.
A fruit for dessert.
Afternoon snack

A skimmed yogurt with diced fruit
A cup of tea or coffee

A cup of cooked brown rice with a little soy sauce and olive oil.
Wok vegetables: carrots, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, leek, etc.
A fruit for dessert.
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Completely avoids processed foods, fatty meats (You can get some wild salmon or organic chicken breast without skin). Moderator dairy and eggs. Avoid fried foods and other unhealthy cooking methods. Make your Ornish diet is centered on vegetables, fruits and whole grains. You will see that your heart will thank you.

Of course, supplement this diet with a little relaxation, yoga and exercise will only give you better results, while protecting your heart.

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