Fast diet to cleanse and nourish your body

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32509153-los-jugos-de-frutas-y-vegetalesPlan 7 days to cleanse the body

Cleanse the body is also a good way to lose weight. Following this quick diet that will propose Josep Masdeu throughout this article, you will probably take off some kilos off and, above all, nutrite much better.

Your body has the ability to regenerate and heal itself, it is an amazing machine that requires only the necessary elements to keep in perfect health and balance. What are these elements? The nutrients from food, good oxygen and oxygenation, centered and balanced emotions and creative management of energy and conscious to the experiences of your life.

When you fail to reconcile any of these elements, your body suffers undoubtedly manifest deterioration and wear of organs and tissues, constant tiredness, pain, irritability and nervousness, which eventually grows all kinds of diseases.

Diet being an essential factor in the cure of your body, you are here propose a diet for a week, where you can combine and add certain foods that promote your true healing. In addition, it will serve to lose weight and debug your body at a time.

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Tips for making the cleansing diet

The best way to nourish your body and keep it with good energy, is eating more times a day (5) and considered less at each meal.
You should drink every day two liters of pure water a minimum. Nor should abuse in water consumption as sweeps nutrients.
Do not mix with any sugary foods, so the dessert stays for two hours after eating. Nor fruits should be mixed with other foods in this healing menu.
This menu is designed for virtually all people who wish to heal your body and restore vitality and youth. If there is any food contraindicated for you, just replace it with an equivalent.
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Weekly menu to cleanse the body

FASTING: a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil extra virgin.
BREAKFAST: Plate of papaya with almond pieces and a little honey.
LUNCH: Glass of carrot juice with alfalfa, freshly made.
FOOD: semi-cooked soup with toasted corn and rice baked steamed vegetables.
AFTERNOON: Glass of oatmeal with almond milk.
DINNER: A block or two away.
FASTING: A glass of orange juice with a squeezed lemon.
BREAKFAST: Glass of milk rice with toasted bread.
LUNCH: Glass of carrot juice with beets and celery.
FOOD: Rice with vegetables and vegetable pancakes.
AFTERNOON (optional): Sweet prunes with apple and brown sugar.
DINNER: Vegetarian sandwich.
FASTING: A fresh pineapple juice and two tablets of brewer’s yeast.
BREAKFAST: Vegetable Quesadillas. (The quesadillas are flour tortillas or whole corn, folded and stuffed with potato, spinach, mushrooms, beans, etc.). You can substitute vegetable quesadillas for crepes.
FOOD: amaranth pancakes or potato or spinach without frying. Join them with assorted salad to taste vegetables, but includes some germinated.
AFTERNOON: Some sweet fruit to taste. Remember that fruit has powerful rejuvenating and regenerative properties.
DINNER: Salad with rice.
FASTING: nopal juice with squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of chia. nopal liquefies lemon juice and chia, and add pinch of honey.
BREAKFAST: Whole wheat toast with tomato and olive oil extra virgin. Serve with glass of almond milk.
Lunch: Tomato juice with celery and parsley.
FOOD: Whole-grain pasta with steamed vegetables, accompanied with fresh salad, or potato dumplings.
AFTERNOON: amaranth cereal bar.
DINNER: cup whole oats with a tablespoon of flaxseed.
FASTING: A glass of prune juice.
BREAKFAST: potato rolls stuffed with cottage cheese or seasoned tofu.
LUNCH: Fresh salad with chopped nuts.
FOOD: Diced vegetables, either spinach, potato, beans, etc., with tomato sauce. If this is not enough, add a soup of barley.
AFTERNOON: Sweet tapioca with brown sugar.
DINNER: apple pear salad.
FASTING: Plate of fresh mango or papaya, sprinkle a tablespoon of flaxseed or chia above.
BREAKFAST: Hot integral with oat cakes.
LUNCH: A glass of juice with celery and carrot nopal.
FOOD: miso broth and steamed vegetables with bits of fish, preferably salmon. If you do not eat fish, you can put tofu or chopped peanuts.
AFTERNOON: cup rice milk with graham crackers.
DINNER: Salad semi-cooked vegetables added with amaranth, or chopped cashews, etc.
FASTING: A cup of grapes with seeds (eat the seeds that are rich in antioxidants) and a glass of water.
BREAKFAST: Whole wheat bread with extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and goat cheese.
LUNCH: A glass of carrot juice with alfalfa.
FOOD: Vegetarian pizza with whole wheat bread and onion soup.
AFTERNOON: cookie or granola bar.
DINNER: natural juice and fresh apple.

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