Fat Burning Milk Diet

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14512667-glass of milkSlimming with the milk diet

Milk is one of the most controversial foods in diets for weight loss. However, research has shown that extra calcium consumption helps to burn fats. Such is so, that there is a diet of milk, which is based on the properties of foods rich in calcium to lose weight. Find out how to lose weight with the milk diet and finish off your extra pounds.

The properties of the dairy to lose weight, far from being valued, have been doubted in repeated opportunities. However, milk does not make you fat. In fact, a liter of milk, still whole, does not contain a lot of calories.

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In fact, the calories from a partially skimmed milk glass are less than half, of which the same amount of orange juice is present. In addition, its rich calcium content helps you burn fat more easily.

Hence, based on these evidences, the diet of milk proposes the exclusive consumption of 1½ to 3 liters of milk for a couple of days. During the next two days, the milk is replaced by 1 kg of curd or 5 curds or a combination of both.

The fat-burning milk diet lasts for a week. However, for the last three days, milk ceases to be the main protagonist, to give way to the consumption of fruits, vegetables and lean meats, in moderate rations.

On the other hand, if you have problems of constipation, to lose weight with the diet of milk, will help you to regularize your intestinal transit.

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