Five low calorie snacks for after exercise

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11966780-las-papas-fritas-tirado-en-el-plato-blanco5 light preparations to refuel

Physical activity and diet supplements are necessary for the treatment to be effective combat overweight. It is therefore important to know five light preparations or low-calorie snacks that allow you to take advantage of the fat burning that occurs with exercise, but his look can refuel to continue your day.

It may be controversial whether to perform physical before or after breakfast activity, but it is necessary to consume any food preparation or after exercise. Why? because you need physical wear and replenish your energies.

For you know how, without adding calories, I will present five light preparations.

Five low calorie snacks for after exercise

Smoothies and vegetables. One of the nutrients that are rapidly lost with exercise are minerals. Both fruit and vegetables are foods rich in these micronutrients. Moreover, these foods contain fiber that will provide satiety and are low in calories. Also, if you use based on milk or yogurt, you will be providing the necessary protein to repair muscles that have intervened in the exercise.
Yogurt with fruit and unsweetened cereals. This preparation is also low in calories and provides the nutrients your body needs to replenish.
A glass of fruit juice with a handful of nuts. It is important that the juice is prepared at the time to get all their nutritional potential.
Half cup of a mix of dry and dried fruits. They are excellent to replenish energy and protein that your body need, but you control the amount as it is high-calorie foods. This snack can accompany it with an infusion of green tea or tea you want.
A slice of bread with poached egg or boiled egg. This is an ideal for all types of diets snack, but especially for those who make a high-protein diet in order to lose weight faster and increase muscle mass.
If you want to lose weight will not stop eating, it’s the worst thing you can do. Therefore, take advantage of these suggestions and after exercise consumes some light preparation that allows you to replenish energy, without adding many calories.

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