Ham and cheese quiche for Dukan diet

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42649472-quiche-lorraine--pastel-tradicional-francesa-con-jam-n-br-coli-cebolla-y-quesoA versatile recipe for all the Dukan diet

If you’re doing the Dukan diet and you’re afraid to stagnate in the attack phase, do not hesitate to try recipes like this. It is a delicious ham and cheese quiche, you can implement at any time of the scheme.

The Dukan diet is not only increasingly widespread but, thanks to that, are increasingly recipes available there. For this reason, it also becomes easier progresses from phase to phase. It is quite clear that at the beginning, at the time of pure protein or attack phase, everything is extremely complicated. But there are always options that can be adapted daily.

Such is the case of this quiche ham and cheese, perfectly suited from the attack phase and can even be modified with other ingredients in subsequent phases. Do not precisarás too many ingredients, time, or anything like that. Only get down to work and thus enjoy this light recipe.


Two egg whites
100 ml of skimmed milk 0%
100 grams of white cheese 0% desnatado
100 grams of lean ham or fine equal amount of turkey breast
pepper and nutmeg salt,

In a bowl, beat the egg whites with skimmed milk and also with white cheese 0% you have chosen. Mix all the preparation well until a smooth paste is formed well. Now, enter ham or turkey finely chopped and seasoned with salt, pepper and a hint of nutmeg, that will give much flavor.

Now, you have no more than bake in a suitable for such preparations, which should previously sprinkle with a little vegetable spray mold. Let cook until browned on the outside and cooked inside. I can also do the microwave.

This preparation can be modified with meatier cheeses and adding onions or other vegetables in later phases. Taking her in this way is suitable from attack phase without any problems. Without any doubt, it is an alternative that will not come at all bad in those days you do not know what resort to go ahead with your Dukan diet.

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