How I can make a good diet?

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How do I replace food?

You can have before your eyes in a sheet the detail of a diet to lose weight, but you need to know how to make good diet and how to replace certain foods that you may not like or do not feel well.

Replacements fattening foods for healthy alternatives and light
The diet can be perfectly designed and calculated, but if you do not know how to do or how to use certain replacements this may fail. To prevent this from happening it is important to have some answers.

5 tips for a diet well

Respect schedules. It is important to respect the schedules indicating the diet. These can be adapted to your activities, taking into account that there should be 3-4 hours between each meal (depending if your diet is 4/5 or 6 meals).
Perform all meals. Saltearte not worth any food, especially breakfast, mid-morning snack and lunch. Why? Because if you do not make any of them, you will come to the evening with great food cravings and cause you to eat more food and of poorer quality.

7701761-mont-n-de-copos-de-avena-seco-aislados-sobre-fondo-blancoAlways have on hand a bottle of water. Water helps cleanse the body (essential for the diet to work), as well as giving help to increase satiety and metabolism. Note that cells need water for their best performance.

Respect the indications of your nutritionist. It is important to respect certain tips, such as eating slowly, eat small meals several times a day, avoid buying foods that provide only empty calories, such as cookies, candy or foods high in fat and simple sugars.

Do not fool yourself. If for some reason you fell into a temptation or have been unable to meet the diet, do not be fooled. This situation can happen, so do not feel bad or abandon the diet. You can lose a battle but not the war. Do not give up, nor yet expired, continues to diet as you come by, yet you’ve fallen into some temptation.

To these suggestions you should add others that are not directly related to the diet, but to help improve their performance as daily physical activity. Walk for 40 minutes every day increases your metabolism and strengthens your cardiorespiratory system.

On the other hand, sleep well. It is proven that good rest helps improve metabolism and lose weight. Finally, spend time outdoors, this will not only improve your mood, it favors the production of vitamins that stimulate weight loss.

Now that you know how to make a good diet, I’ll give some suggestions to replace certain foods.

Replacements fattening foods for healthy alternatives and light

Whole Foods replaced by foods low in calories, fat and simple sugars.
Replace consumption of white flour for whole grains. While provide the same calorie content, the amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals is enhanced.
Replaces goodies pastry and kneaded by eating fruits.
Replaces the consumption of cooked vegetables for raw vegetables. Your caloric intake is and same, but the content of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals is higher in raw foods.
Replace consumption by common whipped cream light whipped cream.
Replaces regular low calorie sauces and fat sauces.
Replaces the use of butter by vegetable oil.
Replace fried foods for baked foods.
Replace vegetable oil with vegetable cooking spray.
Replace consumption of juice concentrates for natural juices.
Replace drinking water.
Replaces common egg consumption per egg enriched omega 3 (While their calorie intake may be similar, it is not your quality of fatty acids).
Replace consumption of milk desserts light gelatin.
Replace whole milk for low-fat dairy and fortified by sterols (will help reduce complications of obesity and dyslipidemia).
Consider these tips will be of great use to the diet is a success, even with the difficulties that you can find.

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