How it stays in shape Julia Roberts

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GI diet and not get fat again

Julia Roberts is an internationally famous actress. Hence, in addition to continuing his career, you may be interested to copy their habits, especially eating habits and diets. So if you want to know how he stays in shape Julia Roberts do not miss this note.

You might admire the successes of actress Julia Roberts. But his career is not only admirable, perhaps you want to look like her. Therefore, if you want to follow your diet, eating habits and exercise routines with the sole purpose of wearing thin, I invite you to meet them. 😉

7840566-londres--22-de-septiembre-elizabeth-gilbert-en-estreno-de-amor-de-la-presa-de-comer-el-22-de-septiemWhat diet makes Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts makes a based on the Glycemic Index diet food, but to understand better, I will begin by briefly explain what the glycemic index or GI.

What is the glycemic index?

The glycemic index or GI is an index or number indicating how much food can raise your blood sugar.

While this system was originally intended to control diabetes, it found that those who used the table IG also managed to lose weight and keep weight.

This table takes as sugar Base 100, which means that if you eat sugar or sucrose, increases your blood sugar immediately and it passes the blood to be used for energy. If not necessary to use, it moves the liver and fat to become deposited in adipose tissue. It is therefore interesting to know whether the IG want to lose or maintain weight.

All foods have their GI and are classified as high GI foods, medium GI and foods with low GI foods.

Obviously appropriate to consume foods are those having an average GI and low GI.

What is the diet of Julia Roberts?

This diet is to include foods with a low glycemic index. This way you can eat more without taking into account their caloric value. Within this diet includes foods that are rich in fiber foods, as this organic substance slows the absorption of simple sugars.

While you can have two foods high in carbohydrates, fiber who have better than the other. To better understand I will provide you an example lentils and pizza. Both foods contain carbohydrates, but lentils contain fiber and pizza little or nothing and nothing, so between foods lentils are better, and slowing the passage of glucose into the blood and therefore remains controlled blood glucose. If this happens you feel less hungry and eat less. This is where it is important to focus on when trying to lose weight without starving.

Finally, Julia Roberts supplementing your diet doing physical exercises on the beach. If you’re not near a beach, go for a walk, run or ride a bike, it’s free and helps you burn fat.

Conclusion. Dieting considering its GI is a good strategy to not only lose weight, but to keep a stable weight. It is a good tool for learning to eat healthy foods and what to choose.

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