How many calories give the burger

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20654492-burguerBurgers, is possible in the diet?

The burgers are a quick meal that can take trouble, besides being a tasty meal. But if you’re dieting, the dilemma is presented before him hamburger yes or no in the diet. So to start it is important to know how many calories and how this contributes in a weight loss diet influences.

Today, fast foods are chosen by large and small, as it is preparing a quick meal, shop and fast food. Not to mention that are very tasty. Despite these characteristics, the burgers have nutritional characteristics which can scuttle a diet to lose weight.

How many calories provide hamburgers?

At this point it is important to note that there is difference between commercially acquired burgers and hamburgers prepared at home. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind in all cases what their caloric value.

Mac Donalds burgers commercial chain: Calories average between 244 (96 gr.) 870 (334 gr). The traditional big Mac provides 485 calories (201 gr.). As for the amount of saturated fats, these contribute between 3.3 g to 23 g. respectively.

Hamburger chain Burger King. In this case the average calories that is 240 calories (101 gr.) To 1020 calories (240 gr.). As for the saturated fat provides, these 3.5 to 24 gr.

homemade burger. While it depends on the minced meat you use, if you choose low-fat ground beef, one hamburger with bread without toppings would be providing about 200 calories. If you add this burger dressing, lettuce, tomato and onion you should add about 100 calories. It is a homemade burger would be providing 300 calories. If you add cheese, adds 50 calories, reaching 350 calories.

Soy burger. In this case it is a veggie burger, the fat will be lower, because it is a food of plant origin. The calorie intake is about 300 calories. This includes a burger, bread, salad dressings, lettuce, tomato and a slice of cheese. While their caloric value does not vary too much, the difference is in the percentage of saturated fats.
Eating a hamburger can bring a lot of calories to your diet or not, depending on what you consume hamburger. There XXL burgers you should not eat and there are simple burgers if you could eat it all depends on the hamburger you consume and the amount.

It is not necessary to consume very large burgers, also sumes them fries, soda and dessert. You can eat tasty without overdoing portions. Remember that dieting does not mean eating tasteless preparations. You can do it, but being aware of how much you eat.

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