How not to starve without abusing flour on a vegetarian diet

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13676562-cocina-japonesa--ensalada-de-algas-con-chuka-salsa-de-nueces-servidos-con-lim-n-y-s-samoTwo ideas to eat well without flour in your diet: Pasta and brownie

Wheat flour, mainly refined, which is what always shopping, white and part of any muffin, pizza or cake you buy or consume any bakery or restaurant. This is because for generations they say it is a healthy food as well as economic.

However, little is healthy and its price because it is a super food processing, ie the nutrients that originally has lost. Nutritionally, the only thing left for refined flour is starch, ie, carbohydrate calories in addition to synthetic aggregates. All the fiber that originally contained is completely lost.

Despite all this flour they are part of every diet, especially vegetarian unbalanced, where much consumed by ignorance of other foods that might incorporate.

Often it falls in the consumption of flour by lack of time or ideas when cooking, so you end up eating pasta, sandwiches, cookies and crackers in excess. Although, as you are tolerant to gluten, you can eat once a week or two a plate with flour refined if they are to your liking. However, the idea is to minimize the consumption of the same, and you have several recipes for it.
Two recipes without flour

Pasta is a fast, versatile and delicious dish, besides satiating. Ideal to eat at lunch or an early dinner, if you did not have a chance to eat well on the day.

Vegetable spaghetti


Carrots and zucchini (1 and 1 or 2 in one)
Salsa choice
Soja sauce
Lemon juice
Seasonings to taste: oregano, thyme, paprika, etc.

Using a potato peeler to cut thin strips of zucchini and / or carrots. You can make a dish with both or choose one. Mix a teaspoon of soy sauce, a little lemon juice, two tablespoons of water and season to taste.
Mix the strips of carrot and zucchini with the result of the mixture and let stand a few minutes to soften slightly.
Then finish your plate as you like, with tomato sauce, pesto, olive oil or sauce you prefer. Top with cheese or vegan cheese on the basis of nutritional yeast and ground seeds.
Without flour or baked brownies

The brownies are one of the favorite desserts any, for its taste, texture and ability to blend with ice cream and cream. While they are not to eat every day, they are an option for you to give you a taste and then. Meet a version without completely vegetarian meal.


200 grams of nuts
100 grams of almonds or hazelnuts
80g cocoa powder
30 pitted dates and soaked for 2 hours
A little bit of salt

Add about half nuts and half the almonds or hazelnuts in a bowl, add the cocoa, dates, pinch of salt and a few drops of water, enough for a homogeneous dough.
Cut the rest of the nuts and add to mixture. Put into a mold and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours to harden. Check them with light water ices, such as strawberry and lemon, for example.
In addition to these recipes it is also important that you add various fruits and vegetables as snacks during the day. Start your day with a breakfast with fruits, smoothies and juices, lunch abundant with delicious salads, snack vegetable milks and choose small portions dinner.

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