How to combine vegetables in shakes to lose weight

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32509153-los-jugos-de-frutas-y-vegetalesFruits, vegetables and even seeds with very diverse properties

Preparing your own homemade shakes to lose weight by combining vegetables according to your needs is a good idea. But how to do it? Ideally, consider what your body needs right now. Then, yes, use fruits, vegetables and even seeds to finish making your own liquefied slimming. Do not miss these tips.

Ideally, think about what you need first. Do you have constipation problems? Then, depurative vegetables are the ones that will help you. Do you remove fluids and feel bloated? Then use diuretics. Do you need something to take away your hunger and anxiety? Nothing better than those that have satiating properties.

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These vegetables can be grouped as follows:

Diuretics: Here you can find some vegetables such as cucumber, melon or watermelon, among many others.
Depuratives: In this section, you must look for the rich in fibers. Carrot, strawberries, grapefruit, orange or pineapple are just some of the options.
Satiating: You can turn to some that give you a feeling of satiety and you will not add many calories such as apple, peach and even green leaves, which you can use in quantity without drama.
You can also turn to some cereals and extra items, always taking care of a very important issue: you have to use them in moderation, since they usually bring many calories, beyond their beneficial properties. In this group you have elements such as chia seeds, flax seeds or linseed, oats and several more, which can offer you excellent qualities to lose weight.

As you can see, you can choose from the best that you feel and make your own combinations. Surely you will find the one that fits your palate, availability of elements or whatever.

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