How to detoxify and lose weight

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vegetablesThe keys to cleanse the body and lose weight

Detox can be one of the keys to losing weight because the foods you offer these properties, they help cleanse the body and make it work as it should be. If you want to debug your body before you lose weight, you should certainly pay attention to these tips Josep Masdeu.

Every day you consume excessive amounts of toxins, but the routine does not make you aware of this fact. What you eat, breathe and touch is a direct source of entry of toxins but also what you hear and see contaminates.

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Detoxification, cleansing

Through some symptoms of your body, you can detect that something is wrong in your body: heaviness, fatigue, low energy, slow digestion, excess weight, but also conditions such as colds with runny, some skin problems, etc. These symptoms affect your vital organs, but also affect the blood, digestive tract and intestines.

The body has organs and systems should care very carefully because they are responsible for cleaning the impurities and organic wastes and detoxification of it.

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Getting to the detoxification

The method by excellence, while the easier it is through food. You have to be aware for your own good that detox today to reoffend tomorrow in the same bad habits, violates the health recovered and when you generate in your body a state of continuous changes, this contradicts natural laws and just sickening. Remember that everything has its time and that when the body demands is that really something happens and you do not hear in due course.

Things in life are simple and detox, even when there is no disease, it’s really easy. Fruit stabilizes the intestinal flora and helps detoxify the body. It helps improve the appearance of the skin of the face and body, hair and nails. They are ideal detoxifying excesses. Your intake of vitamins, fiber and small amounts of fat makes them ideal for body care. Should be consumed during the day outside mealtimes, as well they provide more vitamins. Make note that the enzymes and some vitamins may be lost in the heat. The ideal is to consume fresh and raw.

Experts advise intake of five servings of fruit a day. Pineapple is an excellent diuretic that helps eliminate toxins, plus excellent natural laxative and stabilizing the intestinal flora. The plum works in case of constipation because it contains pectin, vitamin A and C has also potassium, iron, magnesium and a significant amount of fiber. Good desintoxicantes are also pear and grapes as they are diuretic and help you lose weight, like melon, which also produces energy. Citrus, with its acidic properties, help break the chains toxic accumulated in our body.

The fruit, like all food must be chewed carefully and slowly to dissolve in the mouth and better exploit its qualities.
Fasting is also used in detoxification, but this must be controlled very well and say that only in very specific cases and in very short time duly served with water and some caloric intake should be conducted.
They will also help to detoxify grains like chickpeas, beans, soy. They are a source of protein and fiber; the latter helps clean the walls of the intestines.
Green leafy vegetables: contain amounts of antioxidants and chlorophyll, which apart from detox, help maintain a good health.
Other useful and desirable products are garlic, which helps filter out toxic waste in the digestive system, broccoli and green tea, which has an antioxidant that increases liver function. Raw vegetables in general that help the liver to purge toxins and harmful chemicals. Seeds and nuts. Omega 3 oils allow lubricate the intestinal walls to absorb toxins and then eliminate them through the body.
To summarize we recommend:

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, in the proportion of two-thirds of the diet we take.
Come naturally, avoiding sweeteners dyes, additives, dairy products and red meat.
He prefers organic products.
Drink water, as this dilutes the toxins and promotes their elimination through urine and sweat.
Skip the alcohol, snuff and other drugs.
Maintains a regularly when going to the bathroom.
Suda through exercise or sauna.
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Detoxification through colon cleansing

Another type is the detoxification of the digestive tract with colon cleansing. Must be carried out according to the process that is followed by specialized professionals, it takes a few days to have an effect and should be controlled among others the intestinal flora, and always accompanied with a proper diet.

Who regularly read articles you will notice that I have not said anything new, but this is neither more nor less because there are no miracle or magic solutions. It all depends on your effort and will, helped in many cases by professionals who can give you guidance, not only in the system to follow, but in the psychological support that these practices require. Is that, like it or not, many times your head is the great brake and while the great engine of your good performance. If this is balanced in its functions, everything will be much easier. Even lose weight.

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