How to eat whatever you want with Diet Dr. Fricker

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17340396-light-foodDiet high speed

Among the famous diets you can not miss Diet Dr. Fricker, also known as diet high speed. This diet suggests you eat whatever you want, except sweet. If you want to know how to do, do not miss this article.

Today many of the famous diets have as main feature lose weight in stages or phases. Dr. Fricker diet is no exception. Nevertheless, it is important to know what it is.

Features Diet Dr. Fricker

This diet, also known as diet high speed, has two stages.

First phase or rapid phase

In the first stage it is suggested to consume rich in protein and foods low in carbohydrates. The source of carbohydrates that allow you to consume foods are fruits and vegetables. In addition you can eat yogurt (this food is considered food source of protein, but also contains carbohydrates from lactose).

During this first phase it is not allowed to consume starchy foods and foods high in sugar, such as sweets, bread and pastries.

This phase can not be extended for more than two months and can only consume 3 meals per day.
Second stage

This phase extends for several months until you can lose the weight you wanted. This phase is more extensive since it can introduce foods that in the first stage were forbidden, such as bread, biscuits, cereals, seeds and pastas.

The suggested serving of this type of food should not exceed 150 grams at lunch and dinner.

It is important to reduce the portions of meat no more than 100 gr.
Both phases should be accompanied with three hours per week of physical activity resistance.

To understand better how would this diet, I’ll introduce two examples of menus.

Sample menu fast phase or first stage

Breakfast: A glass of skim milk or yogurt 0% fat. 2 tangerines.
Lunch: tuna steak with vegetable salad greens.
Dinner: A serving of chicken breast with cucumber salad and spinach.
Example menu Phase 2

Breakfast: A yogurt 0% fat 40 gr. cereal or granola. A cup of tea or coffee. An Apple.

Lunch: A serving of grilled sole with cooked vegetables (squash and broccoli) A portion of raw vegetables (To spice used only two teaspoons of oil). A yogurt.

Dinner: 100 gr. of beef. Salad 100 gr. brown rice, spinach, tomato and cucumber. An Apple.

While each has its special diet, diet Dr. Fricker shared with other fad diets like Dukan diet implementation of different phases. During the first stage, the weight loss rate is higher, while in the second stage is a gradual thinning and therefore lasts longer.

You may wonder why the first stage is a high speed stage. During this stage it is to increase metabolism and fat mobilization. This is achieved with increased consumption of foods rich in protein allowed during the first stage.

Remember that the best diet is a balanced, harmonious and personal diet.

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